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WNFC Announces Expansion Team for 2023!

For release: Monday, April 18

Tennessee Trojans will become members of the Atlantic Conference in 2023.

The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) continues to expand with the announcement of a brand-new team joining the league for the 2023 season. The Tennessee Trojans have been named as the newest club to join the fastest growing women’s sport in the U.S.

The Trojans are founded and led by Rachel Ortiz-Marsh, a 22-year Army veteran who intends to bring her decades of leadership experience to foster a culture of success in one of pro sports' most attractive markets.

“Our state was famously the ratifying vote of the Nineteenth Amendment. It is only fitting that on the 50th anniversary year of Title IX, that we continue to push Tennessee to the forefront of women’s history in the form of women’s football,” said Ortiz Marsh. “Football is for everyone, and we are building something bigger than sport.”

The Trojans will bring the total number of teams to 18 after the Los Angeles Legends joined for the 2022 season. Currently in its third season of competition, the WNFC has attracted significant sponsorships from adidas, Riddell, United Sports Brands, and many local sponsors in the home markets for various teams. Last season, the WNFC and Vyre Network signed an exclusive streaming deal to ensure that every WNFC game will be available for the 2022 season and beyond.

The Tennessee Trojans logo is a combination of red and blue, with a prominent horses head design above a red Tennessee banner and a stylized Trojans logo in blue. Official logos and uniforms will be released at a later time.

The team is planning on hosting a number of voluntary organized team activities throughout the summer in hopes of attracting some of the region's top talent. The Trojans will participate in National Tryout Day in the fall along with other clubs to provide an opportunity for local athletes to try out for a roster spot for the inaugural season.

“Our mission to help women and girls reach their fullest potential through the power of sport has expanded even further today. The WNFC is very strategic and mindful about expansion and the partnerships that are right for the betterment of women’s football. With that, we are incredibly thrilled to partner with Rachael and her team as we continue to lead the way in creating the most provocative women’s sports league in history. Nashville has long-been a sports city with a huge opportunity for the growth of women’s sports. These factors make this an ideal partnership and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We are looking forward to exciting competition from the Tennessee Trojans in 2023!” - Janice Masters, Commissioner WNFC

The WNFC launched in 2018 with the goal of revolutionizing the sport of women’s tackle football. The league fills a critical gap in sports entertainment while inspiring women and girls to dream big, build big, and hit hard.


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