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  • How many teams are in the WNFC?
    In the 2022 season, there were 17 WNFC teams. The league will continuing expanding until there are 30-32 teams, most of which will be in "Major" sport cities across the U.S. Alabama Fire Atlanta Phoenix Denver Bandits Florida Avengers Houston Heat Kansas City Glory Las Vegas Silver Stars Los Angeles Legends Mississippi Panthers Oregon Ravens Philadelphia Phantomz Phoenix Prowlers San Diego Rebellion Seattle Majestics Texas Elite Spartans Utah Falconz Washington Prodigy
  • How long has the WNFC been around?
    The inaugural WNFC season took place in 2019 with 15 teams across the country. The 2020 season did not take place, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Does the WNFC have an Advisory Board?
    YES! We are proud and lucky to have several incredible leaders, from various backgrounds and industries, who are helping the league grow and reach its potential. Patrick Crakes - Owner of Crakes Media; 20 Years as Fox Sports Executive Dr. D'Wayne Edwards - Founder of PENSOLE Lewis College of Business & Design David Hill - President of Vyre Network & Cabo Verde Capital Jennifer King - Assistant RB Coach for the Washington Commanders Ann Kletz - CEO & Co-Founder of Goal Five Melissa Lawson - Chief Content Officer at SailGP Kiran Murthy - Manager Director of Transformation at Charles Schwab Scott Pioli - Front Office Analyst at NFL Network & CBS Sports; 5x NFL Executive of the Year Katherine Rathe - SVP of Wealth Management at UBS Lamar Seay - CEO of Vyre Network & Cabo Verde Capital Patrick Willis - Entrepreneur; former All-Pro Linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers Click HERE to learn more about this outstanding group!
  • How do we inquire about owning a team in the WNFC?
    Individuals inquiring about owning or investing in a WNFC team or league should submit their inquiries HERE.
  • What rules will the WNFC play under?
    The WNFC is currently playing under a slightly modified NCAA rule set.
  • Can I purchase WNFC apparel or apparel for my favorite WNFC team?
    Absolutely! Please visit our Fan Shop!
  • Will tickets be sold online?
    Yes, tickets for all WNFC games can be purchased from the league website by visiting the SCHEDULES page and selecting which WNFC Team Venue you're wanting to purchase tickets to.
  • When does the season begin and end?
    The WNFC season runs in the spring. The 2021 season will start May 1, 2021.
  • Do you have a transgender policy?
    Yes. We have an active player policy; which is made available to all teams, and players who sign with WNFC.
  • Will players have to pay to play?
    The WNFC and the teams in the WNFC are working to do everything in their power to significatnly reduce and eventually eliminate the "pay to play" burden. There are a lot of steps that we must take before women's football can become a professional sport; joining the WNFC is step 1.
  • Will players be paid?
    At this point, women's football is an amateur sport. This is not something that will change rapidly. However, we have a 5-year plan to significantly decrease the burden on teams. Player responsibilities and compensation is a team decision, and our goal is to decrease that responsibility. The teams in the WNFC are working to do everything in their power to eliminate that burden, which is why they chose this league. There are a lot of steps that we must take before women's football can become a professional sport; joining the WNFC is step 1.
  • Will the games be televised?
    wSCORE is the digital subscription service for the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC) and a pioneer in sports streaming services. All WNFC games can be viewed live and on demand with a subscription.
  • Where will the Championship game be held?
    The 2021 WNFC IX Cup Championship will be held in Dallas, TX Aug 5-7, 2021.
  • Will there be an All-Star Team and/or game?
    Yes. The WNFC All-Star Game will be held in Dallas, TX Aug 5-7, 2021.
  • How do I become a partner/sponsor of the WNFC?
    Women's sports needs all the support it can get. Women's football is the most underrepresented of all. We are always looking for organizations who want to help see women's sports thrive. Building mutual partnerships with our sponsors is what the WNFC is about. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor/partner of the WNFC, please email admin@wnfcfootball.
  • Are there intern opportunities in the WNFC?
    There are absolutely intern opportunities with the league. Anyone interested can send their inquiries and resumes to
  • How are teams selected and evaluated to be a part of the WNFC?
    Teams are selected based on 5 major factors: Geography (location in the country) The health of the local sports market The overall health of the team Prior success with marketing and promotions by the team The motivation and commitment of the team ownership to move the team to a professional level, meaning ability to show financial stablity, good business acumen and willingness to personally invest in their team when needed

Women's Professional Tackle Football League

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