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The Women's National Football Conference (WNFC) is high-quality women's football-fueled by passion and a plan to ultimately deliver professional women's tackle football to the world.


Players in the WNFC are offered state-of-the-art protection on the field and ample opportunities off it through partnerships and alliances developed by the WNFC leadership team. Co-Founded by former NFL Coaching Intern/Team USA Gold Medalist Odessa Jenkins, the WNFC features 20 teams, playing a 10-week Spring season, broadcasting nationally; culminating with the championship game. 


Odessa Jenkins


Morgan Durham

VP of Admin

Elizabeth Jenkins


Amari Hollis

Head of Branding

April Christler CTO

Andrea Snead

TEAM Account Manager

Desiree Abrams
Head of Officiating

LaToya Franklin

Head of Sports Medicine

Kristin Davis 


Ashley Young 

Executive Assistant 

WNFC Advisory Board Members

Liffort Hobley

NFL Alumni

Advisory Board Member

Kiran Murthy

Charles Schwab

Advisory Board Member

Jennifer Garrett

Move The BallTM

Advisory Board Member

Katie Sowers


Advisory Board Member

Callie Brownson


Advisory Board Member

Jennifer King


Advisory Board Member

How can we get our team in the WNFC? 

Team inquiries should be sent to admin@wnfcfootball.com to begin the review process.


What rules will the WNFC play under?

The WNFC plays by NCAA rules. 

Will tickets be sold online?

Yes, tickets from all WNFC teams can be purchased from the league website.


When does the season begin and end?

The season will begin April 4, 2020 and end in July 11, 2020


Do you have a transgender policy? 

Yes. We have a transgender policy; available to the public, all teams, and players who sign with WNFC teams. 


Do players have to pay to play?

At this point, women's football is an amateur sport. This is not something that will change rapidly. However, we have a 5-year plan to significantly decrease the burden on teams. Player responsibilities and compensation is a team decision, and our goal is to decrease that responsibility. The teams in the WNFC are working to do everything in their power to eliminate that burden, which is why they chose this league. There are a lot of steps that we must take before women's football can become a professional sport; joining the WNFC is step 1.


Will the games be televised?

Yes. Games will also be streamed live at www.wnfctv.com


Where will the Championship game be held?

Our national championship location will be held in Las Cruces, NM on July 11, 2020

Is there an All-Star Team and/or game?

Yes. The WNFC has an All-Star team and an All-Star game. We treat our All-Stars to the best experience that women's football has to offer.


Are there intern opportunities in the WNFC?

There are absolutely intern opportunities with the league. Anyone interested can send their inquiries and resumes to admin@wnfcfootball.com.

About the WNFC

The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) is a groundbreaking organization. We exist to create and foster an environment for female athletes to sustain healthy lifestyles through playing, coaching and participating in American Football at the highest level.


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