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Week 1 Match-Ups, Locations, Tickets...WHERE TO WATCH!

Are you ready for Week 1!!! Kick-Off is one day away, and we want you to have all of the details. Take a dive with us into opinion/commentary by Michael Burmy, ticket sale information, and more for week one...

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Oregon Ravens at Seattle Majectics - French Field, Kent WA

In the 2022 WNFC Season Kickoff weekend, the league's two Pacific Northwest teams look to rebound from last season by stoking their bitter rivalry, as the Oregon Ravens battle the Seattle Majestics once more.

Meeting of the year: First (They will play each other again in Portland on May 7) Last meeting: The Majestics beat the Ravens 48-13 in Portland on June 19, 2021, to complete the season sweep.

All-time series: Majestics lead, 2-0 Points: Majestics 72, Ravens 25

Thoughts on the Ravens: Despite a rocky 1-5 inaugural season last year, the Ravens have built a solid foundation for a perennial contender over the years ahead. With First-Team All-Pros Anna Shaw and Mai Lani leading the path, the Ravens are ready to fly with their own wings all the way to Frisco...a win over their archrivals the Majestics would be just the thing to get it started on the right path.

Thoughts on the Majestics: After suffering only their second losing season in their almost two-decade history (and first since 2010) last year, the Majestics are ready get past this bump in the road and show us all why they're STILL one of the best teams out there and ALWAYS to be taken seriously on the road to the IX Cup. As if first-team All-Pros Mykaleen Hiura, Adrienne Wilson, Kyla Hall, and April Arnold returning wasn't motivation enough, the Majestics honor the memory of the great Kalena Firstrider this year, retiring her #1 and introducing their new mascot "Lena Lion" at this game. With their sister's spirit guiding them, the Majestics are ready to get back on track building the game's strong legacy in the Emerald City, and a win over their rivals would be just the thing to get them back on track.

The question is: Which team will pick up the win in the rivalry game to start the Road to Frisco with a speed boost and leave last year in the rearview?

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Washington Prodigy at Florida Avengers - Ducan Fletcher High School, Jacksonville Beach, FL

In the 2022 WNFC Season Kickoff weekend, two rising stars in the Southeast face off as the Washington Prodigy, with the fire of last year's playoff snub still burning under them, head over to Duval County to take on the up-and-coming Florida Avengers, themselves hungry for another statement win.

This is the first time the Prodigy and Avengers have ever played each other and will be their first meeting of the regular season. (They will play each other again in Washington on May 14).

Thoughts on the Prodigy: Our nation's capital is truly a hotbed for women's tackle football, as the Prodigy proved in their inaugural WNFC season. Despite finishing the regular season at 4-2 (splitting the season series with powers the Atlanta Phoenix and Philadelphia Phantomz), the Prodigy found themselves on the outside when the playoff field was selected, and that fire inside them is burning brighter than ever to leave NO doubt this season. All three of their First-Team All-Pros (Natasha Ware, Camille Calhoun and Quiana Boss Ford) are set to return this year, and with Keith Howard succeeding the great Tony Bell as Head Coach, the Prodigy have a new approach to the business ahead, which we look to see at work as they take on the Avengers.

Thoughts on the Avengers: The newest team in North Florida's strong women's football lineage, the Avengers went through some growing pains in their inaugural season, but finished strong with a 14-3 triumph over the Philadelphia Phantomz in the City of Brotherly Love. With First-Team All-Pros LaNia Charity, Kiana Stafford, Ashley Lantz and Rose Henry all coming back to bolster this squad, the Avengers assemble to make a sleeper run to Frisco...if they can knock off the Prodigy, ALL eyes will be on them.

The questions are: Will the Prodigy show why they belong among the game's elite, fueling their road to Frisco in year ten? Or will the Avengers pick up yet another statement win and show us all why we should be talking about them in our playoff picture this year?

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Mississippi Panthers at Houston Heat - Crenshaw Memorial Stadium, Houston, TX

In the 2022 WNFC Season Kickoff weekend, the Bayou Battle is renewed once more, as the Mississippi Panthers look to build off last year's red-hot finish and finish what they started last year, making the 422-mile trip west on I-10 to take on the ever-hungry Houston Heat.

Meeting of the year: First (They will play each other again in Jackson on May 21) Last meeting: The Panthers beat the Heat 34-13 in Jackson on June 5, 2021, both teams' only prior meeting thus far.

Thoughts on the Panthers: While the sporting nation's eyes are on what Deion Sanders is building with the Jackson State Tigers football team, another dynasty it building more quietly in the City With Soul. After losing their first two games of last season, the Panthers came ROARING right back, winning their last four games (among them two big wins over Southern powers the Atlanta Phoenix and Alabama Fire) to clinch a playoff berth in their first year in the WNFC. Despite a tough first-round loss to the undefeated champions the Texas Elite Spartans, the women's football world still got its eyes on the Panthers. Last year's most popular Atlantic Conference All-Pro Regena Jackson is back under center, joined by the likes of Ida Edwards, English Bennett, Voldavia Alexandra Roberts, Dee K. Warner, and Mzkiera Mallory all coming back to get the Panthers all the way to Frisco this year...first, they look to continue their Southern dominance by beating the Heat again.

Thoughts on the Heat: After a 1-5 finish last year, the Heat are keeping up the building process, ready to make MAJOR headway and hear their name called on Selection Day. The likes of First-Team All-Pro Kesha Smith are returning, with a mix of newcomers and veterans to bolster the Heat and secure this as the breakthrough year...if they can scorch the red-hot Panthers with a win, EVERYONE will take notice.

The questions are: Will the Panthers keep up their dominance in the South and get a turbo boost for the road to Frisco? Or will the Heat pick up the statement win, proving why they cannot be overlooked on that run?

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Texas Elite Spartans at Kansas City Glory - Shawnee-Mission High School, Shawnee, KS

In the 2022 WNFC Season Kickoff weekend, we get a showdown in the Heartland as the current, reigning, and defending two-time IX Cup Champions the Texas Elite Spartans begin their road to the IX Cup three-peat with another trip to the Heartland to take on last year's fellow playoff qualifiers, the ever-hungry Kansas City Glory.

Meeting of the year: First (They will meet again in North Texas on May 21) Last meeting: The Spartans blanked the Glory 37-0 in North Texas on June 26, 2021, completing the season sweep.

All-time series: Spartans lead, 2-0 Points: Spartans 85, Glory 0

Thoughts on the Spartans: What more can I say about the Texas Elite Spartans that hasn't been said many times before. Top to bottom, they are perhaps the most thoroughly dominant organization in women's tackle football, the undefeated back-to-back champs, and will continue to be the favorites in every game until someone defeats them. The likes of Brittany Bushman, Destanie Yarbrough, Liz Landry, Tammie Moore, Elizabeth Jenkins and Olivia Griswold are all coming back this year, ready to keep doing what they've done better than anybody else and lift the trophy high again in front of their home crowd...right now, the Elite's road begins against this plucky team from KC.

Thoughts on the Glory: In their inaugural season, the Glory proved themselves worthy of Kansas City's solid women's football legacy, with their only two losses of the regular season being to the aforementioned Spartans to secure a playoff berth, where they suffered a loss to the ever-game Alabama Fire. With the experience of year one behind them, the Glory look ready to keep on building, with their core such as First-Team All-Pros Jen Dulski and Krishna K.C. Lee returning, Powerhouse USA Gold Metalist Jenitra Shields joining them, and a mix of vets and rookies joining...if they can be the first team to ever knock off the Spartans, EVERYONE will look at them as the favorites on the road to Frisco!

The questions are: Will the Elite continue to be exactly that, showing us why they are STILL the top team in the WNFC and the favorites to win it all once again? Or will the Glory pull off that historic victory to write the turning point of their own dynasty?

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San Diego Rebellion at Phoenix Prowlers - Agua Fria High School, Avondale, AZ

In the 2022 WNFC Season Kickoff weekend, it's a showdown between two hungry Southwestern teams, as the defending Pacific Conference Champions San Diego Rebellion hopes to make this the year they WIN the IX Cup, beginning with this 339-mile trip east on I-8 to take on the Phoenix Prowlers, still hungry for their first win in team history.

Meeting of the year: First (They will play each other again in San Diego on April 30) Last meeting: The Rebellion blanked the Prowlers 49-0 in Phoenix on May 15, 2021, both teams' only prior meeting thus far.

Thoughts on the Rebellion: As the torchbearers for San Diego's illustrious legacy in women's tackle football, the Rebellion had a year to remember last year, finishing the regular season at a perfect 6-0, knocking off the mighty Utah Falconz 22-18 in the Pacific Conference Championship to punch their ticket to the IX Cup in North Texas. Despite losing 27-6 to the two-time champion Texas Elite Spartans, the Rebellion are nonetheless in the elite tier of this game; with the legendary Knengi M back under center, joined by returning First-Team All-Pros Eboni Chambers, Brii Gorrell, Lovely Lopez, and Ashlee Austin-Bean, the Rebellion look ready to pick up where they left off, getting back in gear on the road to Frisco with a win over their opponents in the Valley of the Sun.

Thoughts on the Prowlers: Although they still have yet to get their first win, the Prowlers' perseverance and tenacity are second-to-none, giving it their all until they can't anymore. Victory is SURE to follow Joseph Ramirez' team very soon; with the likes of First-Team All-Pro Kenya Wallace returning, and a solid mix of vets and rookies, the Prowlers know it's a process and are ready to build...if they can pull off the massive upset over the Rebellion, EVERY eye will turn their way.

The questions are: Will the Rebellion show why they're conference champs and have what it takes to win it all in Frisco? Or will the Prowlers' first win be a historic one to show the world that a new dynasty is emerging in the Grand Canyon State?

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Las Vegas Silver Stars at Los Angeles Legends - Junipero Serra High School, Gardena, CA

In the 2022 WNFC Season Kickoff weekend, two rising stars are ready to get their shine on early as the Las Vegas Silver Stars seek to build on last year's breakout success when they make the 283-mile trip southwest to battle the debuting Los Angeles Legends.

This is the first time the Silver Stars and Legends have played each other and will be their only meeting of the 2022 regular season.

Thoughts on the Silver Stars: Over the course of their first two years in the WNFC, the Las Vegas Silver Stars have climbed from the bottom of Death Valley to the slope of Mount Everest, clinching their first-ever playoff berth, only stopped by a tough 19-16 conference semi loss to eventual Pacific Conference Champions the San Diego Rebellion. Legendary Head Coach Dion A. Lee and First-Team All-Pros Shawnee Phill, Tonette Zoutomou, Denajha Kie, and three of last year's "Four Queens" Barbie Lorraine, Christi Acacio, and Sha Bay (who will be this year's Fourth Queen?) all return, ready to shine even brighter this year and roll all the way to Frisco; first they look to get on the right step and #BeatLA.

Thoughts on the Legends: The only "new" team in the WNFC this year, the Legends fill in the WNFC's LA spot previously held by the LA Bobcats. Despite the bump in the road in the Bobcats' last year, the Legends are nonetheless ready to build a shining legacy the whole City of Angels can be proud of; among the team's inaugural roster are First-Team All-Pros Olivia Morgan, Jane Brinkman, and Dawna Boxx Zike. If the Legends can take down last year's biggest feel-good story in their home opener, EVERYONE will know the Legends are NOT to be overlooked on this road to Frisco.

The questions are: Will the Silver Stars keep up last year's surging momentum, getting a head-start to finishing what they started last year? Or will the Legends prove themselves worthy of their name out the gate and show why they're toolin' to bring the Cup home THIS year?

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Denver Bandits at Utah Falconz - Cottonwood High School, Murray, UT

In the 2022 WNFC Season Kickoff weekend, the Rocky Mountain Rivalry is renewed with higher stakes than ever as both teams are ready to prove themselves after disappointing endings to their respective seasons last year. Once again, the emerging powers the Denver Bandits make the 519-mile trip west to take on longtime juggernauts the Utah Falconz.

Meeting of the year: First (The two teams will play each other again in Denver on May 14)

Last meeting: The Falconz defeated the Bandits 46-19 on May 8, 2021, both teams' only meeting of the season. All-time series: Falconz lead, 3-0 Points: Falconz 130, Bandits 33

Thoughts on the Bandits: Despite finishing their season with a four-game winning streak to clinch their first winning season in team history, the Bandits found themselves on the outside when the IX Cup Playoffs were selected, watching the #4 spot go to their Mountain West nemeses La Muerte de Las Cruces. Suffice it to say, this disappointment has stoked a fire underneath them, building into a powerhouse that's ready to leave no doubt not only on Selection Day, but all the way to Frisco! With all six of their 2021 All-Pros returning (Meghan Lewis, Morgan Darden, Whitley Conn, Bailey Paskach, Amber Lee & London Kristen), joined by some MAJOR offseason acquisitions in Tori Tucker Tagaloa, Rhiannon Michelle Hardin, Laure Gelis-Diaz, Desiree Spivey, Sara Sifuentes Alyssa Speckhals and Jazmin Florez, the Bandits are tooled up to be the superteam they've always known they can be...if they can knock off the mighty Falconz at Cottonwood High, EVERYONE will take notice.

Thoughts on the Falconz: Though the Falconz' regular season was played with their usual excellence at a perfect 6-0, the one thing they remember is the heartbreak of that Pacific Conference Championship defeat, 22-18 at the hands of the San Diego Rebellion, marking the first time in team history that the Falconz would not be playing in their league's championship game. That bitter loss is helping the Falconz stay hungry and motivated to reclaim their throne; with First-Team All-Pros Gina Magana, Camille Brimhall, Katie Montgomery, AJ Roby, and Holly Custis all coming back, joined by a mix of veterans and newcomers, the Falconz look to beat the Bandits once again, sending a message that they are STILL one of the best teams in the world, and favorites on the road to Frisco.

The questions are: Will the Bandits get the big statement win to take over their rivals' perch as the top team in the Rockies? Or will the Falconz keep doing what they do best and prove that they're serious about reclaiming their throne in '22?

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Atlanta Phoenix at Alabama Fire - Wenonah High School, Birmingham, AL

Opinions and views expressed in the pre-game write-ups are expressly those of Michael Burmy.


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