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ZoomBang + Beastmode Partner With WNFC

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Zoombang + Beastmode Partners with Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) to bring market-leading protective gear to women in football

Zoombang protective gear is used by many teams throughout the NFL and NHL, and now they add their first women’s sports partner to the lineup (WNFC). The Women’s National Football Conference is a groundbreaking organization, who is on a mission to bring professional tackle football to the mainstream for women.

The multi-year partnership between Zoombang and WNFC kicked off this summer during the WNFC’s Championship Weekend (IX CUP 2021). The event attracted over 3,000 fans to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has evolved into a major sporting event celebrating women and girls in football. Events included a free interactive fan fest, a tailgating experience, youth-girls flag games, all-pro games (top 100 players), and more.

“We are honored and excited to partner with the WNFC to help protect women and girls who play tackle football. Our partnership with Marshawn Lynch and his Beast Mode brand is helping us to spread the word quicker. In addition to selling directly to teams and consumers, you will now be able to find our products on the shelves at Hibbett Sports and” - Joe Morelli, Zoombang CEO

adidas, and Riddell Sports are long-time partners of the pioneering league. Now ZoomBang and Beastmode are joining in to show support for the growth of women and girls in tackle football.

Zoombang, Beastmode, and WNFC will be activating throughout the year to promote the partnership. Fans can learn more by visiting

About Zoombang

For over 15 years, patented polymers by Zoombang™ have been protecting athletes, soldiers, law enforcement, and industrial workers worldwide. As one of the first padded compression shirts and girdles used by the NFL and NHL, our protection is legendary - over 40% better than any other product on the market. The science behind Zoombang’s technology is a complex combination of material engineering and encapsulating methods that result in the perfect pad for each application. Products utilizing the Zoombang polymer represent the next generation of protection as our polymers react to direct contact and redistribute the stress of the force, reducing the force of an impact.


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