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WNFC Will Launch New Magazine January 2021

HERgame Magazine will be an American tackle football magazine in circulation starting Jan 2021, published by the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC). The asset will focus on telling stories of professional women's tackle football players, teams, sponsors, fans and more.

"Soon the world will know all of our stories. But, we cannot wait on that. We can eloquently tell our own stories, using our own resources and tools." - Odessa Jenkins, CEO WNFC

HERgame will launch in 2021 in celebration of the WNFC returning to play. The magazine will celebrate the sport, and tell the stories of the growing culture of women's tackle football. The publication will show images of the athletes, fans, and supporters of women's tackle football, tell inspiring stories, and bring a growing audience to the world of the WNFC.

The magazine will carry advertising for sports products, clothing, media, music, and more.

HERgame will feature amazing stories in women's tackle football on its cover, in articles and HERgame posters. The inaugural issue will feature powerhouse running-back Meghan Lewis, Denver Bandits.

The magazine will launch as the follow-up to the league's groundbreaking national REIMAGINE FOOTBALL campaign, which featured images of 20 WNFC athletes showing off adidas sponsored custom uniforms and Riddell helmets.

Pre-order for the magazine will begin on Black Friday 2020.


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