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WNFC Tackles Female Football Content Shortage with Uniform Reveal

(TEXAS) August 21, 2020 – As the pandemic hit, women’s tackle football competition came to a screeching halt. The tough decisions under consideration by the NCAA and NFL about whether to play football were even more real for the women’s tackle football market, where the teams do not own stadiums and a great majority of revenue is based on events and fan attendance. Women’s sports content receives 3-5% of all sports coverage; traditional tackle football (not in lingerie) is an almost non-existent portion of that minimal representation. The WNFC, with the looming reality that their 2020 season would be canceled, switched gears and decided to do something about it.

After reading studies of the lack of representation of women in sports by noted historians such as Toni Bruce, the WNFC set out to do their part in normalizing the images of women in tackle football gear. As the world grapples with the possibilities of sports in a pandemic, the WNFC leadership team saw a perfect opportunity to help the world reimagine a world of football that includes women on the field.

Strong women. Tall women. Thick women. All women. From 300-pound linewomen to 140-pound quarterbacks, the beauty and strength of women rings truer than ever in the athletes of the WNFC.

We are excited to continue our support of the Women’s National Football Conference for a second year. This partnership allows us to bring our biggest mantra to life, that through sport, we have the power to change lives and inspire the next generation of female leaders. At adidas we strive to be the best sports brand in the world – and in order to deliver on that promise, we need to show up for both the women and men on the field. -Cameron Collins, Head of adidas Football

The WNFC is using the 2020 uniform reveal as a vehicle to help sponsors, partners, fans and even professional men’s tackle football players consider and support women playing tackle football.

“As the leader in football helmet technology and protective equipment, Riddell is honored to continue our work with the WNFC to help the professional league deliver on its bold vision for a strong future for women’s tackle football here and abroad. Riddell’s mission is built on better protecting athletes and we have prioritized our support for football players at all levels – male and female – to ensure access to innovative head protection and gear to enhance performance on the field. We look forward to teaming up again for the season ahead and working together with the WNFC and its partners to continue to build momentum around the game.” – Erin Griffin, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Riddell

Eighteen of the top professional photographers and videographers from around the country banded together to capture images of 20 powerful female tackle football players from across the WNFC. This amazing group of creators came together to deliver the gift of the professional reveal of women in tackle football to the world. The Reimagine Football campaign will launch on all social media channels on August 21st. Digital and hard copies of the Reimagine Football magazine and photo book will also be available at:

More than ever, companies, producers, networks and partners are looking for content. It’s amazing how the images, personas and lives of women in the WNFC align with what these companies are searching for. More important, we refuse to allow our brand of football to be left out of the conversation. The way that I look at it, no one invited us to the party, but we are getting dressed up and showing up anyway. Who knows, we might steal the show! - Odessa Jenkins, CEO of the WNFC

Special thank you to Matt Burn Photography @mattburn_photography for the amazing photo edits, and Junior Productions @junior_prod for the awesome video edits.

About Women’s National Football Conference

The WNFC is high-quality women's football-fueled by passion and a plan to deliver professional women's tackle football to the world. Players in the WNFC are offered state-of-the-art protection on the field and ample opportunities off it through partnerships and alliances developed by the WNFC leadership team. Co-Founded by former NFL Coaching Intern/Team USA Gold Medalist Odessa Jenkins and managed by an all-female leadership team, the WNFC features 20 teams, playing a 10-week Spring season, broadcasting, and culminating with the IX Cup Championship game honoring women in sports. To learn more, follow WNFC on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Visit:


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