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Celebrating a WNFC Milestone: The Oregon Ravens' Record-Breaking Sellout Crowd

Last Saturday was a monumental night for the Oregon Ravens and for the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC). The Ravens not only played their hearts out on the field but also set a new standard for success off it. Facing off against the Las Vegas Silver Star, the Ravens may not have clinched the game, but they achieved something even more remarkable—a completely sold-out stadium (with thousands in attendance and 5 figure profit), marking a first for any team in our league.

Oregon Ravens led the league in Replica Jersey Sales in 2024

This record attendance is not just a win for the Ravens; it's a triumph for the entire Portland community and a testament to the unwavering support for women's sports in the Pacific Northwest.

"The enthusiasm and passion of our fans are what propel this league forward, transforming it into a signal of growth and opportunity in our community." - Oana Dumitrescu, Owner - Oregon Ravens

The WNFC is experiencing unprecedented grow, with digital reach extending to over 20 million this season, thanks to millions of views and thousands of paid subscribers on CaffeineTV.

This growth is mirrored by the Ravens, who are quickly outgrowing their home field at Milwaukie High School Football Stadium. The Ravens are set to host another sell-out against the Seattle Majestics this coming Saturday.

As we look ahead to the crown state rivalry game on May 4, we are reminded of the incredible impact local businesses like The Sports Bra have had in promoting and supporting The Ravens. The Sports Bra, a bar and restaurant in Portland, has been a pillar of support, offering a safe and welcoming space dedicated to celebrating women sports.

The success story of the Oregon Ravens is a compelling example of what can be achieved when a community comes together to support and uplift women's football. Their record-setting performance is not just about numbers; it's about the growing recognition and respect for women's football and its athletes.

To the fans, the community of Portland, and the dedicated, players and owners of the Oregon Ravens: Congratulations.

Together, we are making history, game by game, and proving that the future of professional sports has a vibrant place for women's football.

Go Ravens!


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