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WNFC Power Rankings, Week 1: Spartans, Phoenix, Glory, Falconz rise, Bandits stumble in the Central

WNFC Football is back!

The time for speculation is over. No more training camp videos or preseason hype. The real thing was on display on Saturday night on wSCORE and DAZN.

Game day kicked off with all 16 teams, spanning over 9 hours on Saturday night from Salt Lake City Utah to Washington DC to thousands of viewers and in-person fans,

The Utah Falconz, Washington Prodigy, KC Glory, Texas Elite Spartans, Houston Mambas, Las Vegas Silver Stars, and Seattle Majestics all came away with home victories in week one.

The debut of the Tennesse Trojans was thawed by the Atlanta Phoenix defense, which kicked off the season where they left off in 2022 (the #1 defense in the country). The Denver Bandits, coming off of an undefeated 2022 campaign failed to score points in their showdown versus the Houston Mambas.

Week 1 Power Rankings were revealed on Wednesday with the defending champion Texas Elite Spartans taking the overall top spot, the Atlanta Phoenix #2, and the Kansas City Glory and Utah Falconz pulling in a tie for the #3 spot.

The weekly WNFC Power Ranking is determined by polling from a combination of the Women's Football Rankings Committee (WFRC) and the Owners Poll. This is a non-system-generated rating system. The voters are asked to use their eclectic backgrounds in sports, strategic thinking, and perspectives in football to develop clear ranking results. As a starting point, members are asked to consider:

  • Overall team record

  • Strength of Schedule

  • Head to Head results

  • Comparison of results against common opponents

  • Other objective thoughts and insights

Week 1 WFRC Voters: Oscar Lopez, Alex Schafer, Jennifer Colbert, Robert Reid, Bo McMichael, and Theodore Robertson. All 16 WNFC Owners participated.

All Votes Totals:

Individual Team Votes :

Individual WFRC Totals:


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