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WNFC Moves to 16 Teams in Preparation for Its Most Competitive Season Ever!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Yesterday, WFNC commissioner Masters announced that the Alabama Fire would no longer be competing in the WNFC. The league has gained a reputation for driving the sport strongly towards a higher level of play, standing firm on roster requirements, player safety regulations, growing teams as a business, game day safety regulations, and more transparency for women who play tackle football in the US.

"As a startup business, that quickly became the market leader, we will continue to see shifts and changes. The one thing that will not change is how aggressively we pursue the highest level of safety, quality, competitiveness, and transparency for the women who play the highest level of tackle football. The sport is growing. Most women's teams have budgets that are still almost entirely funded by the efforts of their players. We are working for that to change. The team owners who partner with the WNFC are invested in a higher-quality, better-funded product for women in tackle football. Things will and should continue to change until we reach professionalism". - Odessa Jenkins - Founder/CEO - WNFC

As the league now moves to 16 teams, players will decide the next steps. This news will undoubtedly create even more talent for some of the existing WNFC organizations.

In a season that is being touted as the most competitive ever, league officials and team owners are working to present an updated 2023 schedule.

For more information, follow the WNFC at @wnfcfootball on all socials.

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