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Today, the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) launched the first ever published recommendation on amorous relationship involving women’s tackle football coaches and players. The published guidelines are another step toward creating a professional environment for coaches and players in the sport.

The WNFC launched in 2019 with a plan to raise the standard for everyone involved in the sport of women’s tackle football. The bold leadership of the league opened the sports doors to corporate sponsorships, content/branding investment, and national TV distribution.

As the on field play becomes more of a commodity, league officials and WNFC teams are also focused on creating an unparalleled environment for players and coaches. While the recommendation strongly prohibits amorous relationships between coaches and players, it does consider and allows for what the league is dubbing “prior relationships”. Prior relationships are those established prior to the development of a player/coach relationship.

We felt like it was time to take a stand for players and coaches in women’s football. There are so many unspoken rules in our sport, an we felt that this is one that needed to be in addressed. We have shared the guidelines with multiple coaches and owners who stand behind us in creating a professional environment for players who want to play in the WNFC. We know that these rules can only be enforced if our players, coaches and owners believe in them. We feel it critical to document our stance, and show that the leadership in this league is not afraid to address all aspects of safety and professionalism in our sport. I truly hope that our players appreciate our willingness to address the matter” - WNFC CEO Odessa Jenkins

Every rostered player, coach and staff member associated with the WNFC will be required to acknowledge the guidelines in order to be eligible for participation in the league. The WNFC begins their season on April 4. The 10-week season will culminate with a championship game on July 11 in Las Cruces, NM.


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