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WNFC Commissioner Janice Masters Pens a Letter to Hopefuls On The Eve of National Tryout Day 2023

Dear Future WNFC Superstar,

The future is bright for you. The future is full of success for you. The future is attainable for you.

I hope this letter finds you in high spirits and giddy with excitement for the amazing journey you are about to embark on in the WNFC. This league will challenge you, push your limits, and at times, seem unforgiving. Remember, it's those moments of struggle and perseverance that will shape you into a stronger, more resilient football player and person. You have within you the potential for greatness, and with hard work and dedication, no doubt you can achieve it. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth and improvement. As a female athlete, YOU have the power to break boundaries where others have doubted we could go. Your presence in football is an inspiration to women and girls everywhere, showing them that they too can pursue their dreams.

As you tackle this new challenge, keep a few things in mind:

- Believe in the ability to bring your best every day.

- Football is physically demanding, prepare your body with proper wellness and training.

- The game can be as much a mental battle as a physical one. Stay focused, remain resilient, and never underestimate the power of a strong mind.

- Surround yourself with a supportive network of teammates, coaches, and friends. Lean on them for guidance, encouragement, and motivation.

- Cherish EVERY moment of this incredible journey. The friendships you'll build and the lessons you'll learn are just as valuable as any victory.

Believe in yourself, stay committed to your goals, and never lose sight of your passion. Your journey as an athlete is an incredible and empowering one. It's a journey that not only transforms you physically but also nurtures your spirit, and fulfills your soul. So lace up those cleats, take that first step onto the field, and let your inner champion shine.

Welcome to the WNFC, where our mission is to advance equity for women and girls through the power of football! I'm proud of the WNFC, I'm proud of our Organizations, I'm proud of you for putting yourself out there to join us.

The future is now for you.

With immense respect and admiration for your journey ahead -

Janice Masters

WNFC Commissioner


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