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Week 4 Preview: A New #1 Team, New Rules Making Big Impact, and Playoff Race is on.

As the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC) heads into Week 4, the league is still buzzing from one of the most significant games in its history. The Mississippi Panthers have officially dethroned the defending champions, the Texas Elite Spartans, in a nail-biting 15-14 victory. This historic win not only marks the Panthers as the first team to defeat the Spartans this season but also sends a shockwave throughout the league, reshaping the playoff landscape and igniting excitement for one of the most thrilling seasons in recent women's football history.

A Look Back at Week 3

The spotlight was on the clash of the undefeated giants: the Mississippi Panthers versus the Texas Elite Spartans. With both teams entering the game with perfect records, expectations were sky-high, and the game did not disappoint. It was a tightly contested battle, with the Panthers edging out the Spartans by one point, signaling a potential power shift in the WNFC, and highlighting the impact of the new 3 point play.

Other Key Results

  • San Diego Rebellion continued their unbeaten streak with a dominant 27-6 victory over the streaking Seattle Majestics, solidifying their position as the top contender in the west this season.

  • Atlanta Phoenix also maintained their flawless record, overwhelming the Florida Avengers with a 49-0 win, showcasing balanced offensive and defensive units.

  • Washington Prodigy impressed with a decisive 31-9 victory over the Philly Phantomz.

Week 4 Matchups to Watch

San Diego Rebellion vs. Atlanta Phoenix - 6pm PT on CaffeineTV and DAZN

In a battle of the undefeated, the San Diego Rebellion takes on the Atlanta Phoenix in what is a game of the week match up of Week 4. Both teams have displayed strength and balance on both sides of the ball, and this game is sure to have playoff atmosphere.

Texas Elite Spartans vs. Houston Mambas - 7pm CT on CaffeineTV and DAZN

The Spartans, looking to bounce back from a loss on the road, face the Houston Mambas who are in search of their first win. It's a crucial moment for both teams. The Spartans are looking to prove their championship potential, and the Mambas are looking to get their first central division win.

Denver Bandits vs. Los Angeles Legends - 6pm MT on CaffeineTV

The Denver Bandits, holding a solid mid-season position, will clash with the Los Angeles Legends. Both teams aim to climb higher in the rankings, making this matchup critical for their post season aspirations.

Florida Avengers vs. Washington Prodigy - 7pm ET on CaffeineTV

Still searching for their first win, the Florida Avengers face a tough opponent in the Washington Prodigy. It's a pivotal game for the Avengers to turn their season around.

Las Vegas Silver Stars vs. Oregon Ravens - 7pm PT on CaffeineTV

Searching for their first win the Las Vegas Silver Stars host the Oregon Ravens. Both teams need the win to stay in the playoff hunt.

Tennessee Trojans vs. Philly Phantomz - 4:30pm ET on CaffeineTV

Big matchup between two teams looking to get a win. Both teams have played close match-ups in the Atlantic Division.

Implications Moving Forward

The upset by the Mississippi Panthers has not only reshuffled the rankings but also reinvigorated teams across the league. With the top spot now firmly in their grasp, the Panthers have placed a target on their backs, challenging every team to step up their game.

With new players becoming active, and updated roster additions, Week 4 promises to continue the excitement with pivotal games that could further define the playoff race. As teams begin to position themselves for a postseason run, every play, every game, and every point becomes increasingly significant in the quest for the WNFC championship.

Fans can catch all the action live on CaffeineTV, with ATL @ SD - 6PM PDT* and HOU @ TES - 7PM CT available globally on DAZN. As the season unfolds, the WNFC is proving to be a showcase of elite talent, strategic depth, and thrilling football action.


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