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WNFC Announces Date For National Tryout Day and more...

Today the WNFC announced Oct 7, 2023, as National Tryout Day. The league started the national single-day event over 4 years ago, and each year it grows bigger as the pipeline and excitement of women's football spreads across the nation.

Over 600 women, across 14 states will compete in combine style drills in order to win a spot on a WNFC roster.

Former pro and D1 athletes from other sports, exiting college flag football stars, and women who love contact sports will land in 16 WNFC cities to compete for a spot on a WNFC roster for the 2024 season (starts April 2024). Tryouts will all be held on the same day (Oct 7, 2023) in the following cities:

Visit to join our 2024 recruiting list. National Tryout Day 2023 is expected to be the biggest in league history.

Follow us on social media at @wnfcfootball to stay up to date on #NTD23 and more.


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