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WNFC adds Charity Girl’s Ball to Championship Weekend Sponsored by the Sports Academy Foundation

The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC), the country’s most prestigious women’s tackle football league, is marking its third season with a huge celebration that falls during the week of the anniversary of Title IX. This massive football weekend is being pinned as a weekend to “Show Up For Her.”

Along with great football events for every fan, championship weekend organizers have added this special event honoring the 50th anniversary of Title IX and the work of Got Her Back 501c3 charity. The mission of Got Her Back is to create connections & confidence in female football players through visibility, allyship, education, and mentorship.

The “Girls Ball” charity gala will serve as a fundraiser for the Got Her Back “Keep Her In The Game” grant program. The program is designed to fund travel, equipment, and allyship for girls and women in football. Past Keep Her in The Game grant donors include Steve Smith Sr. Foundation, Riddell Sports, NWFOA, and more. The Girl’s Ball is targeting $100K to further the mission of Got Her Back, and to ensure that every girl and woman playing football stays in the game.

The event will be hosted at Sports Academy at The Star in Frisco and is being proudly sponsored by the Sports Academy Foundation.

“We are honored to sponsor Got Her Back Charity’s Inaugural Ball,” said Angela Stanislawski, Executive Director, Sports Academy Foundation. “Sports Academy Foundation is dedicated to expanding the scope of access. We develop and support programs complimentary to our mission of providing educational, competitive, and recreational programming that enhances lives in diverse communities. The Sports Academy Foundation is proud to support Got Her Back Charity’s mission of empowering young women and girls to go after their dreams of being a football player.”

About WNFC

The WNFC was created to help women and girls reach their full potential through the power of football. Heralded as the most provocative women’s tackle football league in the world. Sponsored by adidas and Riddell Sports, the league is the highest level of women’s tackle football in the US.


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