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Week 7 WNFC Rankings Are Out, and Tournament Positions Are On The Line

WNFC Rankings are determined by a combination of WNFC owners (owner poll) and independent media (WFRC). Every week, pollers submit their rankings for the 16 teams in the league. The groups are asked to consider all factors, including the following criteria:

  • Overall team records (standings)

  • Strength of Schedule (based on season rankings)

  • Head to Head results

  • Comparison of results against common opponents

  • Points against

Each voter is required to specify which position they feel each team should be in based on performance-to-date in the season, taking all factors they feel are relevant into consideration. A first-place vote is worth 16 points, a second-place vote is worth 15 points, and so on.

Visit our PLAYOFFS page to keep up with the latest. The final 8 teams standing will compete in the 2023 Conference Championship tournament. The eight teams will be announced on Selection Monday (May 22 at 8 pm EST on WNFC Facebook Page). The Conference Tournament team seeding is determined by the final end-of-season poll position.

How Do The Playoffs Work in the WNFC?

Each year a WNFC team hosts a Conference Championship Tournament. The Western Conference Tournament will be hosted by the Utah Falconz at Skyline High School, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Eastern Conference Tournament will be hosted by the Atlanta Phoenix at Decatur High School, in Decatur, Georgia. The winners of the tournaments move on to the championship game to compete for the


  • The Top 8:

    • The top 2 teams from each division earn automatic entry into the playoff tournaments

    • The top 2 teams from the Pacific division earn entry into Western Conference Finals Tournament

    • The top 2 Teams from the Atlantic division earn entry into the Eastern Conference Finals Tournament

    • The top 2 teams from the Central division earn entry into the playoffs (the highest seed goes to the Western Conference Finals Tourney and the 2nd seed goes to the Eastern Conference Finals Tournament).

    • The #7 and #8 overall seeds in the end-of-season poll make the tournament.

    • The #7 and #8 seed participate in the tournament (Eastern/Western) that is closest in geography to their home field (miles)

  • Round 1 - Conference Finals - June 8, 2023

    • Game 1 - Seed #2 vs. Seed #3 - 3pm local time

    • Game 2 - Seed #1 vs. Seed #4 - 7pm local time

  • Conference Finals - June 10, 2023

    • Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2 - 7pm local time

  • The 2023 WNFC Championship Game will be played by the winners of the conference championship tournament.


1. Texas Elite Spartans

2. Utah Falconz

3. Mississippi Panthers

4. Atlanta Phoenix

5. San Diego Rebellion

6. Washington Prodigy

7. Houston Mambas

8. Las Vegas Silver Stars

9. Denver Bandits

10. Kansas City Glory

11. Oregon Ravens

12. Los Angeles Legends

13. Seattle Majestics

13. Philly Phantomz

15. Tennesse Trojans

16. Florida Avengers




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