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Week 7 Match-Ups, Locations, Tickets...WHERE TO WATCH!

Week Six was a showcase of some of the league's top teams who are vying for playoff position with only two weeks remaining in the season. Close games, gutsy play, and plenty of drama made every game a pleasure to watch. Below you can find Week 7 match-ups and information.

If you can't make the game in person, you can catch all of the action LIVE on Vyre Network:

  1. Download the Vyre Network app on Apple, Roku, Andriod, IOS, and more...

  2. Navigate to the VSports Channel.

  3. Click the game that you want to tune in to.

  4. Enjoy WNFC Football!!!

  5. Or tune in online at

Win/Loss records heading into Week 7:

Atlanta 5-0 (week 8 vs. Phantonz)

San Diego - 5-0 (week 8 at Legends)

Texas - 4-0 (week 7 at Bama, week 8 vs. Glory)

Denver 4-0 (week 7 vs Falconz, week 8 vs. Majestics)

KC 4-1 (week 8 at Spartans)

WAS 3-2 (week 8 vs. Avengers)

Las Vegas 3-2 (week 8 vs. Prowlers)

Alabama - 2-2 (week 7 vs Spartans, week 8 at. Avengers)

Utah Falconz 2-2 (week 7 at Bandits, week 8 at. Avengers)

LA Legends 2-3 (week 8 vs. Rebellion)

Oregon Ravens - 2-3 (week 8 vs Falconz)

MS Panthers 1-3 (week 7 at Phatomz, week 8 vs. Heat)

Florida 1-3 (week 7 at Prodigy, week 8 vs. Fire)

Seattle 1-4 (week 8 at Bandits)

Philly 0-4 (week 7 vs Panthers, week 8 at. Phoenix)

Houston 0-5 (week 8 at Panthers)

Phoenix 0-5 (week 8 at Silver Stars)

Week 7 Match-Ups

Utah Falconz at Denver Bandits - Hinkley High School

Aurora, CO

Tickets can be purchased onsite.

Mississippi Panthers at Philly Phantomz - Benjamin Johnston Stadium

Philadephia, PA

Click Here For Tickets

Texas Elite Spartans at Alabama Fire - Wenonah High School

Birmingham, AL

Click Here For Tickets

Florida Avengers at Washington Prodigy - Washington High School

Washington, D.C.

Click Here For Tickets


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