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Week 4 WNFC Match-Ups, Power Rankings, and Playoff Reminders...

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

5 Weeks remain in the regular season, and there is movement in the polls. Kansas City has fallen out of the top 4, as the Mississippi Panthers (#4) make their way up the poll with an impressive home victory over the Washington Prodigy (#5).

Week 3 kicked off with six games on Saturday night. Five undefeated teams hit the road hoping to be undefeated headed into week 4. Atlanta and Utah, returned home with victories, while the Prodigy, Majestics, and Glory saw their first losses of the season.

San Diego Rebellion and Denver Bandits visited the win column for the first time this season, while the Texas Elite Spartans remained undefeated with a decisive home win.

It is too soon to start the "If the playoffs started today" scenarios, but we have had 3 clear division leaders through three weeks of play. Atlanta is the only top-ranked team in the league that has not played a team in the top 8. We look forward to the May 6 match-up of the Panthers vs. Phoenix.

WEEK 4 Match-Ups, and Where to Watch

Week 4 kicks off with all inter-division match-ups. These games are likely to have significant impacts on playoff positioning. In the Central, the Houston Mambas (1-1) head to Jackson to visit the Mississippi Panthers (1-1). Florida Avengers (1-2) visit the Tennesse Trojans (0-2), and the Washington Prodigy head across the D.C. border to visit the Philly Phantomz for the Atlantic Division match-ups. The Oregon Ravens (0-2) visit the Los Angeles Legends (0-2), and the Las Vegas Silver Stars (1-1) visit the Seattle Majestics (1-1) in the Pacific Division.

Houston Mambas at Mississippi Panthers (Game of The Week)
6 p.m. CT | Madison-Ridgeland Academy | wSCORE | DAZN | Women's Sports Network

Florida Avengers at Tennesse Trojans

6 p.m. CT | Lipscomb Athletic Complex | wSCORE
Denver Bandits at Kansas City Glory
6 p.m. CT | Shawnee Mission North High School | wSCORE

Oregon Ravens at La Legends

7:30 p.m. PST | Serra High School | wSCORE

Washington Prodigy at Philly Phantomz

6:00 p.m. EST | Benjamin Johnston Stadium | wSCORE

Las Vegas Silver Stars at Seattle Majestics

6:00 p.m. PST | Kent-Meridian High School (French Field) | wSCORE


  • Each team plays 6 regular season games (3 home and 3 away) and has 2 regular season bye weeks (all league bye for Memorial Day weekend)

  • The regular season and final playoff seeding will be determined by WFRC + Owners Poll.

  • The playoff tournament remains in place

  • The final poll will determine playoff seeding

  • Any team that misses a week of voting will be excluded from future polls

  • The top 2 ranked teams in the Pacific division will earn automatic entry into Western Conference Finals Tournament

  • The top 2 ranked Teams in the Atlantic division will earn automatic entry into the Eastern Conference Finals Tournament

  • The top 2 ranked teams in the Central division will earn automatic entry into the playoffs (the highest seed will participate in the Western Conference Finals Tourney and the 2nd seed will participate in the Eastern Conference Finals Tournament).

  • The #7 and #8 overall ranked teams will participate in the Conference Finals Tournament that is nearest to them according to geography.


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