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The World's First Official Female Specific Game Ball, custom designed by women, for women and girls

WNFC and Team Issue partner to Launch “her game.” Football. The World's First Official Female Specific Game Ball

The popularity of football for women and girls is at an all-time high.

  • WNFC viewership, fan engagement, and revenue is growing at upwards of 200% per year.

  • More than 3,000 adult women are playing tackle football around the world.

  • More than 3,000 girls are playing tackle football with boys in US high schools (growing at a pace of 40% per year)

  • The amount of girls and women playing flag football around the world has doubled year-over-year.

The unprecedented growth of flag football led the NFL to sponsor it, and the NAIA to greenlight women’s flag football to emerging sports status in 2020. In 2022, 18 universities across 9 states will be offering college football for women as a varsity sport. Additionally, women are playing football in over 100 countries, and it is the opinion of most football pundits that flag football will soon be an Olympic sport.

The numbers speak for themselves. Women and girls need a football, and Team Issue is up for the challenge.

Before today, women and girls simply played with a football designed for youth or varsity boys. When Team Issue brand became the official game ball provider of the WNFC, the agreement was set under the expectation that Team Issue and the WNFC would do something to grow the game for women and girls.

Team Issue is a brand of Big Game, the world’s largest American-owned football factory and the premier manufacturer of elite-level game balls. The vast majority of FBS college football teams across the country are playing with official game balls made by Big Game — and that number continues to grow every year. That growth will now include the thousands of women and girls playing football worldwide.

The her game. Football

WNFC President Elizabeth “Dillow” Jenkins and Big Game owner Chris Calandro, kicked off the process with feedback and prototype test sessions with WNFC quarterbacks (Brittany Bushman, Melyse Brown, Tori Tucker Tagaloa, Rasan Gore, Knengi Martin, and Regena Jackson). This process resulted in a custom-engineered football that passed the field test with flying colors.

“One of the best parts of my job is working with athletes to help them perform better. So when the WNFC asked for help, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.” - Chris Calandro, Founder, Owner and CEO of Big Game.

The ball was designed to fit the women’s game. Here are the primary features:

:: Smaller Size with a Slim Shape - For better fit in smaller hands.

:: Opposable Grip Stitch (OG) - Provides additional friction at all points-of-contact

:: Soft, Red 864 Leather - Breaks in faster and softer to the touch

:: Low Profile Pebble Laces - Textured for supreme grip & control

:: Official ‘her game.’ Stamp - Authenticates the 1st football engineered for women

‘her game.’ ball will debut for sale the week of WNFC National Signing Week (January 2023).

“Women and girls have been playing football for decades. There is enormous growth year over year. Yesterday, when she wanted to buy a football, she had to buy a youth ball, made for and with boys in mind. The world needed a women’s football, so we decided to make one!” - Elizabeth Jenkins, President of WNFC

The her game. ball will be available for sale on the WNFC Fan shop, as well at


Big Game football factory and their premier brand, Team Issue are changing the American football landscape. With a focus on elite-level quality and unmatched service within the sports industry, Team Issue is the official on-field football at thousands of high school and championship college programs across the Nation. Innovation is at the core of Team Issue’s DNA as they continually release revolutionary improvements to game footballs at all levels.


Headed into its 4th season in 2023, the WNFC is the most competitive women’s football league in the world. Featuring 17 teams across the US, the WNFC is a thrilling sports property that combines football and entertainment with a commitment to equity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

In 2018, the WNFC signed a groundbreaking multi-year partnership with adidas. The deal was extended in 2022, as the WNFC signed a groundbreaking media deal with Vyre Network to distribute all the league's games.

The league's momentum continues with its partnership with Riddell Sports, Commons, United Sports Brands, and the recent addition of DICK’S Sporting Goods.


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