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Sharriah Hall Named Pacific Conference Player of the Week (Presented by Commons)

By Derek Fleming, Staff Writer, WNFC

Sharriah Hall is playing in only her second season with the WNFC, but you would never guess it glancing at her Week 4 stat lines. Hall was flying all over the field, making plays and forcing turnovers, even as the Phoenix Prowlers lost to the Seattle Majestics.

Hall recorded a total of 14 tackles in the game, five of which went for losses. She also had her first two sacks of the season and forced four fumbles, recovering one. On top of all that, she blocked a punt in the game. Hardly the kind of numbers that might be expected from a second-year player.

“I think defense was the first thing that I fell in love with,” Hall said. “I just tune into it and go.”

Hall said that she has been putting in time watching game film to help prepare for opponents.

“I think I rewatched their game film four or five times,” explained Hall. “I watched the pulls, the quarterback's motions on when she is going to do a pass or a run and I took that to the field and put it in effect and it worked out how I planned.”

Hall said that a big part of the success the defense had in the game was due to the trust she has built with the other players and knowing that when she made a play, her team would have her back.

“One thing was the realization that they were passing plays,” Hall said. “I was just rushing and wherever the ball was, I was absolutely trying to hit it out and just trusting that you know that my backfield is gonna get it and pick it up and hopefully take it back to our side.”

Head coach Joe Ramirez said that Hall had a one-speed motor despite suffering an injury early in the game when an opposing player stepped on her hand.

“We were icing her hand on the sideline, but she wanted to go back in,” Ramirez said. “I didn’t even realize how many tackles she had until reviewing the game tape. After watching the film, it was a no-brainer.”

Hall’s single-game performance makes her the current season leader for the Phoenix Prowlers in tackles and forced fumbles along with tying the lead for sacks. Hall also leads the team in receptions.


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