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Queen of the South DJ Contest at WNFC Fan Fest (IX CUP Weekend)

The WNFC Fan Fest is an event that will be held during IX CUP Championship Weekend (Aug 6-8). The weekend is dedicated to celebrating and empowering women and girls. Fan Fest is a community event, held at the world-class Academy Sports at Frisco Star. Hundreds of WNFC fans, athletes, sponsors, and celebrities will be in attendance at the event.

The "Queen of the South" DJ contest will be a premier event during the four-hour fan fest. 2 female DJs will be selected leading up to the event. They will have the honor of spinning throughout the event. Fans, sponsors, and WNFC executives will vote for the winner of the battle.

The winning DJ will receive the following:

1. $200 Cash Prize

2. Queen of the South DJ Battle Winner Trophy

3. Featured DJ during WNFC Championship Game (UNT Stadium - Globally Televised)

Click HERE to Enter NOW for your chance to be one of the two DJs selected to battle it out at Fan Fest on Aug 6th, from 6-10 pm in Frisco, Texas.

WNFC (Sponsor) reserves the right to reject any entry which Sponsor determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that is otherwise offensive or is not in keeping with the Sponsor’s image and reputation.


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