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Powerhouse Ownership Group Committed to Leave Mark on Women's Sports with new Houston WNFC Franchise

The WNFC announced changes in the Houston market. The league has discontinued participation of the Houston Heat as an active franchise.

Today, the league welcomed a new group, led by brother and sister duo; former WNFC superstar WR Kesha Smith and current NFL superstar WR Deandre Hopkins. The ownership group is anchored by WNFC rockstar veterans Khlye Jamerson and Teryni Dash.

“It is such a great honor and privilege to have the opportunity to join the WNFC and give women’s football in Houston a fresh start! We are excited about what the future holds for this new team. With collective efforts, we truly have the vision, drive, will, and desire it takes to build an amazing franchise and new home for the great athletes in the WNFC! There is no time like the present!” - Houston ownership group

The group represents a growing trend of professional male and female athletes coming together to move sports forward and a drive towards ownership for professional athletes of color.

"This is an unprecedented time for women and girls in sports, and this is a monumental moment for the progression of women's football. This ownership group signals so much for the WNFC. I am proud to see a group of black entrepreneurs/leaders get the chance to make their mark on such an important sports market. Houston Texas is a hub for professional sports teams, and I am honored that the group is committed to delivering another powerhouse WNFC franchise. The future for women and girls in sports, in Houston just got brighter" - Odessa Jenkins, CEO of the WNFC

The start-up sports league has made a concerted effort to attract owners, investors, and partners from diverse backgrounds. Equity and inclusion are core roots of the WNFC.

A press release with the ownership group is being scheduled to reveal the new brand and team name. Stay connected to for more details.


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