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Jelani Greene (AJGreene15) partners with WNFC for EXPOSHER Series, Events, and Apparel Line Collab

The WNFC and Greene will partner to co-host multiple events through the 2023 season, including 7 on 7, and 1 on 1 events slated for WNFC Championship Weekend hosted at The Star in Frisco, Texas. Greene will also join the advisory board of the WNFC to work to bring more professional athletes, entertainers, and exposure to the league.

The collaboration also has planned releases of apparel, events, and campaigns targeted to drive revenue that will be directly shared with WNFC players.

The partnership is designed to bring more exposure to women and girls who play tackle football through social media collaboration, live events, apparel, and marketing projects.

Greene is no stranger to women’s football. The two (WNFC and AJGreene15) collaborated on a live event hosted in Los Angeles, the weekend of Super Bowl LVI which attracted over 150 of the top women's football players in the country, and paid out more than $2,000 in cash prizes.

“Jelani and I have always agreed on two things. That professional tackle football is for women, and that those women deserve a bigger platform. With this commitment to collaboration, he is putting his power where his words are. To have a professional male player use his platform to put money in the pockets of women athletes is more than I have seen from most at the height of their popularity. We are honored to be in partnership with Jelani. He is a true pioneer in the game.” - Odessa Jenkins, CEO of the WNFC

The partnership between the popular women’s football league and the mega influencer will also provide cash prizes awarded to WNFC players during the IX Cup Championship weekend 2023, hosted in June at The Star in Frisco.

“ From the first opportunity I had to connect with the WNFC, I saw the room for growth in women's football. I want to use my platform to help advocate for the league, and these women and change the stigma of women and girls playing tackle football. Ultimately, I want to see the game continue to grow, and that growth includes women and girls” - Jelani Greene

About Jelani Greene: Greene is a content creator and professional football player with over 3.5 million followers along with 147 million likes on his TikTok account. The massively successful creator has over 200M views on his YouTube page.


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