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Championship Weekend delivers historic audience for WNFC, over 2 Million Viewers, most watched Women's Football Weekend Ever

The Women's National Football Conference (WNFC) achieved record-breaking streaming viewership and social media engagement during the 2024 season, highlighted by a championship weekend that reached over 3 million people through streaming and social media activities over three days.

Heading into championship weekend, WNFC's viewership was at an all-time high. With the launch of a five-year deal with international streaming company DAZN and an explosive debut on the Fox Sports-backed, now-defunct CaffeineTV, the WNFC saw viewership peak at an impressive 11 million total streams throughout the 2024 season. The league also saw significant success with its unscripted content. The intimate get to you know series "Behind Her Game" attracted 1 million viewers in 2024, while "This Is Spartaaa," a documentary by the Texas Elite Spartans, drew over 500,000 viewers.

Over the eight-week regular season, WNFC games were streamed by 8 million people through CaffeineTV and DAZN. The league capped off this historic viewership momentum by delivering six events over championship weekend (June 22-23) that collectively drew in over 2 million views.

Championship Weekend Highlights

Championship Weekend was a spectacular finale to the season, featuring events for fans of all ages. On June 22, the Top 100 Varsity Girls Flag Tournament, sponsored by adidas, drew 20,000 live viewers. That evening, the WNFC All-Pros event was watched by a live stream audience of 200,000 people.

Championship Sunday, held at The Star in Frisco (Dallas Cowboys Headquarters), attracted the biggest audience, with 1,754,511 viewers. This included hundreds of thousands watching the league's first-ever adult flag championship game between the Denver Bandits and Texas Elite Spartans flag teams. The day concluded with 1,109,978 viewers tuning in for the highly anticipated championship game between the Mississippi Panthers and Texas Elite Spartans.

The WNFC's success in 2024 attracted a growing list of sponsors and partners, including:

  • DAZN

  • CaffeineTV

  • adidas

  • DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation

  • Riddell Sports

  • Dallas Slingshot Rental

  • Got Her Back

  • Play Like A Girl

  • Infusion70

The WNFC's social media presence reached new heights, engaging over 1.5 million people across its platforms during championship weekend. The league's Instagram account (at 22K in June 2023, now at 93K in July 2024) is growing at an average rate of 5,000 new followers per month.

The WNFC will continue to expand its global audience through its relationship with DAZN and has temporarily turned to YouTube as the platform for 2024 season footage. With the 2025 season on the horizon, expectations are high for even greater success as more sponsors and investors recognize the value of partnering with the WNFC and tapping into its growing audience.


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