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Celebrating Dreams and Ambitions: WNFC National Signing Day with Dick's Sporting Goods on Fri, Jan 5

DALLAS, Dec 19: Get ready for an unprecedented celebration of talent and passion in women's football! on Friday Janaury 5 Dick's Sporting Goods is hosting WNFC National Signing Day event for the 2nd year in a row.

This nationwide event will be held in 16 stores across the United States, marking a significant step in the growth and recognition of women's tackle football.

This event is not just a signing day; it's a massive leap forward for the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC). Over 1,000 athletes from the WNFC will participate, signing on to compete with various WNFC tackle football teams for the exciting 2024 season. This is more than a signing event; it's a celebration of the athletes' dedication, skill, and trailblazing spirit in a sport they love.

WNFC invites fans and sports enthusiasts to join the teams inside the stores to witness this groundbreaking occasion. Imagine the electric atmosphere as fans watch their favorite WNFC athletes commit to their teams, signaling the start of an action-packed season. This event is a unique opportunity for fans to connect with the athletes, and share in the excitement.

The excitement doesn't stop at the signings! Fans and onlookers will have the chance to win prizes and receive autographs from their favorite WNFC athletes. This is a fantastic opportunity for fans to interact with these talented athletes, get to know them, and take home a piece of sports history.

For many of these women, participating in the WNFC and playing tackle football is the realization of a childhood dream. This National Signing Day event underscores the increasing opportunities and recognition for women in sports, particularly in areas traditionally dominated by men. It's a day to celebrate the hard work, perseverance, and achievements of these incredible athletes.

WNFC and Dick's Sporting Goods are proud to support and celebrate women's tackle football and invite everyone to be part of this extraordinary event. Mark your calendars, join us in-store on FRIDAY, JANAURARY 5th, and be part of a day filled with sports, celebration, and community. Let's cheer on these athletes as they embark on their journey in the 2024 WNFC season!

For more details about the event, including store locations and times, please follow us on social media @wnfcfootball.


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