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Women’s National Football Conference Extends Broadcasting Deal with Sports Streaming Platform Caffeine.TV

DALLAS (March xx, 2024) –  In August 2023, the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) announced that they would be adding league content on growing sports streaming platform, CaffeineTV.  In the first week of broadcasting, WNFC content amassed over 700K views on the platform. Six months later, on demand WNFC content on CaffeineTV has ballooned to over 10 million views. 

The two companies announced today that they have landed on a deal to move all WNFC regular season games and on demand content to the CaffeineTV platform. This includes all live and pay-per-view broadcasts that lived on the league’s wSCORE streaming platform.  

The WNFC launched wSCORE during the 2023 season. The direct-to-consumer streaming service aired all of the league’s 2023 games LIVE. The service was a tremendous success, seeing over 6,000 paid subscribers.

The new partnership will make CaffeineTV home to all LIVE regular season games, as well as WNFC original content. Fans will have the opportunity to view highlights and original content from their favorite WNFC teams channel, as well as the league.  wSCORE subscriptions on CaffeineTV will be $11.99 per month, or $39 per year. The wSCORE pass will give fans access to all 2024 regular season games, live and on-demand. 

"We're thrilled to team up with the WNFC, A7FL, and IFL, as we deliver countless hours of live football action in a variety of dynamic and exciting competitive formats,”  said Ben Keighran, Founder & CEO of Caffeine. “As the home for the 2024 WNFC season, we also look forward to creating opportunities to grow the sport of women’s tackle football on a national scale and give passionate fans a destination to watch and interact with this rapidly growing league like never before."

"Strengthening our partnership with Caffeine is a powerful testament to our unwavering commitment to accelerating equity for women's football. Together, we're spotlighting the game's top female football athletes, bringing their skills to a broader audience. I'm more excited than ever to see our league shine on this platform, introducing women’s tackle football to more new fans and amplifying the current growth and energy around women and girls in football." - Odessa 'OJ' Jenkins, Founder of WNFC

Founded in 2018 by former Apple TV design lead, Ben Keighran, Caffeine has experienced a 1000% growth in 2023 by curating the top events, tournaments, and competitions in sports, bringing them together to cross-pollinate and create community for the next generation of fans.

The company continues to strengthen its position as the leading destination for live sports & related content surpassing 60 million monthly active users in December 2023.

Coverage of the WNFC kicks off on opening day, Saturday April 6, 2024. Visit to subscribe NOW!


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