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WNFC Rankings Are Out, and Playoff Positions Are On The Line In The Final Week of The Regular Season

Updated: Jun 4

WNFC Rankings are determined by a combination of WNFC owners (owner poll) and independent media (WFRC - Women's Football Rankings Committee). Every week, pollers have submitted their rankings for each team in the league. The groups are asked to consider all factors, including the following criteria:

  • Overall team record (standings)

  • Strength of Schedule (based on season rankings)

  • Head to Head results

  • Comparison of results against common opponents

  • Points against

Each voter is required to specify which position they feel each team should be in based on performance-to-date in the season, taking all factors they feel are relevant into consideration. A first-place vote is worth 16 points, a second-place vote is worth 15 points, and so on.

The final 8 teams standing will compete in the 2024 Conference Championship Tournaments. The eight teams will be announced on Selection Monday (May 20th at

8 pm EST on CaffeineTV). The Conference Tournament team seeding is determined by the final end-of-season poll position.

How Do The Playoffs Work in the WNFC?

Each year the WNFC Host a Conference Championship Tournament. The Western Conference Tournament will be hosted by the Las Vegas Silver Stars at Faith Lutheran and Mater Academy East, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Eastern Conference Tournament will be hosted by the Mississippi Panthers at Madison Ridgeland Academy, in Madison, Mississippi. The winners of the tournaments move on to the championship game to compete for the IX CUP!

The Top 8:

The top 2 teams from each division earn automatic entry into the playoff tournaments

  • Top 2 teams from the Pacific division earn entry into Western Conference Finals Tournament

  • Top 2 Teams from the Atlantic division earn entry into the Eastern Conference Finals Tournament

  • Top 2 teams from the Central division earn entry into the playoffs (the highest seed goes to the Eastern Conference Finals and the 2nd seed goes to the Western Conference Finals).

  • The #7 and #8 overall seeds in the end-of-season poll make the tournament.

  • The #7 and #8 seed participate in the tournament (Eastern/Western) that is closest in geography to their home field (miles).

Round 1 - Conference Tournaments - June 6, 2024

  • Game 1 - Seed #2 vs. Seed #3 - 3pm local time

  • Game 2 - Seed #1 vs. Seed #4 - 7pm local time

Finals Conference Tournaments - June 8, 2024

  • Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2 - 7pm local time

  • The 2024 WNFC IX CUP Championship Game will be played by the winners of the Eastern & Western conference championship tournaments.


  1. Mississippi Panthers

  2. Texas Elite Spartans

  3. San Diego Rebellion

  4. Washington Prodigy

  5. Atlanta Phoenix

  6. Kansas City Glory

  7. Denver Bandits

  8. Seattle Majestics

  9. Las Vegas Silver Stars

  10. Utah Falconz

  11. Houston Mambas

  12. Los Angeles Legends

  13. Tennessee Trojans

  14. Oregon Ravens

  15. Florida Avengers

If the Playoffs started today (final positions are not decided):

Western Conference

#1 Texas Elite Spartans v. #4 Seattle Majestics

#2 San Diego Rebellion v. #3 Denver Bandits

Eastern Conference

#1 Mississippi Panthers (#1in the country) v. #4 Kansas City Glory

#2 Washington Prodigy v. #3 Atlanta Phoenix

WEEK 7 Preview and Match-Ups

As we approach the final week of the regular season, the WNFC is heating up with playoff spots on the line. With the release of the latest rankings, the stage is set for a thrilling conclusion to the season. Here’s a preview of what to expect in Week 7.


Florida Avengers (0-5, 0-2 Home) vs. Tennessee Trojans (2-3, 1-1 Away)

7pm ET on CaffeineTV

The Florida Avengers are still searching for their first win of the season, while the Tennessee Trojans look to finish strong and improve their record. With both teams seemingly out of the playoffs, this game will be played with pride on the line. Trojans Dmayla Holliday and Avengers Chelsea Parrish are players to watch.

Los Angeles Legends (1-4, 0-2 Home) vs. San Diego Rebellion (5-0, 2-0 Away)

6pm PT on CaffeineTV

The undefeated San Diego Rebellion are at peak strength coming off of two great away game victories, while the Legends look to see if they can take their first half momentum through four quarters and shake up the playoff race with a huge upset. Legends Meagan Tyler Curtis and Rebellion Brittani Lusain are players to watch.

Las Vegas Silver Stars (2-3, 0-2 Home) vs. Seattle Majestics (3-2, 1-1 Away)

6pm PT on CaffeineTV

Both teams are fighting to stay in playoff contention making this matchup crucial for their postseason hopes. Silver Stars Adrianna Gutierrez and Majestics Jazmine Rambo are players to watch.

Utah Falconz (2-3, 0-2 Home) vs. Oregon Ravens (1-4, 1-1 Away)

6pm PT on CaffeineTV

With the Falconz in a position to be out of playoff contention for the first time in WNFC history, this game could be a historic one. Ravens Brittany O'Connor and Falconz Madeline Murphy are players to watch.

Kansas City Glory (3-2, 1-1 Home) vs. Houston Mambas (1-4, 0-2 Away)

6pm CT on CaffeineTV

Kansas City Glory earned a great road victory last week, and should secure their playoff position with a win, while the Houston Mambas look to play spoiler and show the full potential of their loaded roster. Mambas Dee Scott and Glory Kassidy Snowden are players to watch.

Mississippi Panthers (5-0, 2-0 Home) vs. Denver Bandits (3-2, 1-1 Away)

7pm CT on CaffeineTV

In a battle of two of the league's top defenses, the undefeated Mississippi Panthers face a tough challenge from the Denver Bandits. Panthers Regena Jackson and Bandits Amber Craft are players to watch.

Atlanta Phoenix (3-2, 2-0 Home) vs. Washington Prodigy (4-1, 2-0 Away)

6pm ET on CaffeineTV

This high-stakes game sees the Atlanta Phoenix looking to end the season with a statement win against the Atlantic Division leading Washington Prodigy. Phoenix Alnisa Thomas and Prodigy Ta Shaun Leigh are players to watch.

What’s at Stake:

With playoff positions on the line, Week 7 is a make-or-break moment for many teams. Whether fighting for a top seed or just looking to end the season on a high note, every game this weekend has significant implications. Fans can expect high-intensity matchups, thrilling plays, and the kind of drama only football can deliver.

Catch all of the action LIVE on CaffeineTV


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