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As part of the partnership with the WNFC, WatchGameFilm’s analytics and video breakdowns will be utilized by the WNFC coaches and staff.

Video. Stats. How does a time-strapped women’s football coach put the two together to produce meaningful analysis? Say hello to WatchGameFilm! A recent addition to the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) partners, WatchGameFilm combines game film, content sharing and in-depth team statistics.

Using WatchGameFilm, coaches can generate custom playlists, easily tag and sort plays. This is an out of the box solution being built with the concept of inclusion in mind. Everyone should have affordable, accessible software to improve their game.

WNFC and WatchGameFilm have joined in a multiyear partnership to grow the game of football. Features that the WNFC coaches will enjoy are:

Streaming, Documents - Unlimited, Photos - Unlimited, Exchange, Telestration, Cameras, Playlists, Breakdown, Highlights and more...

Watchgamefilm is known as the simple & affordable way to watch, exchange and manage game film. Their redesigned player includes instant replay, slow motion, play loop, rewind and more. The XL platform includes video telestration and commenting features enabling WNFC coaches to convey clear coaching points to their staff and athletes.

About WatchGameFilm. WatchGameFilm is focused on giving coaches an affordable way to use game film. According to co-owner, Becky Sharpe, ‘we would rather see coaches invest their money into better sports equipment, coach education, health and safety, facilities, etc. Women’s sports are still encountering an un-level playing field. We hope that our solution plays a role in helping to give our women athletes the advantage that game film has given others for years without the price tag.’

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