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WNFC Adds Minimum Coaching Requirements for 2023

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

WNFC Team Owners and League officials announced today, that they have agreed to roll out new requirements and standards for coaches in the league. The required and optional training is focused on creating a safe standard of play for WNFC athletes.

"Reaching the highest quality of play in football for women is significantly impacted by the standards we set for our coaches. These requirements are just the first step in a much bigger plan. We are creating a league that will continue to raise the standard for quality of play in women's football." - Stephanie Balochko - Head of Coaching Development & Resources

The process starts with a list of required training involving:

  • Heat Illness and Prevention

  • Concussion in Sports

  • CPR/AED Certification

  • First Aid Certification

All of the coaches in the WNFC are required to take the courses and provide proof of completion.

The teams and league officials will continue to develop the program through the season and during the 2023 off-season.


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