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Week 7 WNFC Rankings Are Out, and Tournament Positions Are On The Line

WNFC Rankings are determined by a combination of WNFC head football coaches and independent media (WFRC). Every week, coaches and the WFRC submit their recommendations for the top 17 teams in the league. The groups are asked to consider all factors, including the following criteria:

  • Overall team records (standings)

  • Strength of Schedule (based on season rankings)

  • Head to Head results

  • Comparison of results against common opponents

  • Points against

Each voter is required to specify which position they feel each team should be in based on performance-to-date in the season, taking all factors they feel are relevant into consideration. A first-place vote is worth 17 points, a second-place vote is worth 16 points, and so on. The final conference tournament playoff teams seeding is agreed upon by the WFRC (Tie-Breakers will be resolved by WFRC) once all polling is complete. The final 8 teams standing to complete in the 2022 Conference Championship tournament will be announced on Selection Monday (May 23 at 9 pm Est on Vyre Network).

How Do The Playoffs Work in the WNFC?

Each year the WNFC Host a Conference Championship Tournament. The Atlantic Conference Tournament will be hosted by the Florida Avengers at Jack Taylor Stadium Sports Complex, in Neptune Beach. The Pacific Conference Tournament will be hosted by the San Diego Rebellion at Army Navy Academy, in Carlsbad.

  • Top 8:

    • Those top 4 teams in each conference will participate in the "WNFC Conference Championship Tournament

      • Each Conference Tournament team is awarded a $1,000 travel stipend by the WNFC

      • Conference Semi-Finals - June 9, 2022

        • Game 1 - Seed #2 vs. Seed #3

        • Game 2 - Seed #1 vs. Seed #4

      • Conference Finals - June 11, 2022

        • Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2

  • The 2022 WNFC Championship Game will be played by the winners of the conference championship tournament.

Overall Rankings Through Week 7 (Final rankings will be released on Selection Monday)

1. TES - Atlantic (1 seed)

2. SDR - Pacific (1 seed)

3. ATL - Atlantic (2 seed)

4. DEN - Pacific (2 seed)

5. KC- Atlantic (3 seed)

6. LV - Pacific (3 seed)

7. BAMA- Atlantic (4 seed)

8. WASH - Atlantic (in the HUNT)

9. UTAH - Pacific (4 seed)

10. MS

11. LA - Pacific (in the HUNT)

12. OR - Pacific (in the HUNT)

13. FL

14. SEA

15. HOU


17. PHX


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