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ATLANTA, Georgia, April 26, 2022 — Atlanta Phoenix Women’s Football announced today that global management and technology consulting leader MHP Americas, Inc.- A Porsche Company, has been named the team’s official presenting sponsor for this 2022 season, with promising plans to grow the agreement and extend to multiple years. This partnership is the first of its kind in women’s football. The agreement includes but is not limited to, MHP being featured on the team’s jerseys and helmets, with the team’s home games played in downtown Decatur, GA, on April 23rd, May 7th, and May 21st, 2022.

The launch is part of MHP Americas’ plan to extend MHP’s global existing support of women’s sports and leadership in Europe into flourishing programs that encourage and empower women in North America.

Atlanta Phoenix is one of the most recognized teams in the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC), team Co-Owner and league CTO April Christler commented, “With Atlanta and its influence on human equality, it is entirely fitting that Atlanta Phoenix preserves that civil rights influence and collaboratively works with a partner who genuinely believes that continuing to elevate and celebrate women in sports, leadership, and innovation is good for business and better for humankind. I am ecstatic about the planned initiatives to spark from our joint effort to diversify and include women and minorities in underrepresented roles in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, the USA, and beyond.”

Commenting on the sponsorship, Tobias Hoffmeister, President & CEO of MHP Americas, said: “MHP is proud to take a leadership role in advancing women’s rights in all facets of society. We believe strongly in the significant role of women and the responsibility industry leaders have to increase opportunities to participate and succeed in fields that they have traditionally been excluded from.”

Timo Holschuh, Head of Finance of MHP Americas, said: “The partnership with Atlanta Phoenix is an exciting one for me personally. They play their games almost in my backyard in downtown Decatur. We’re extremely honored to be forerunners to commit travel funding, business contacts, and a host of other resources to growing the vision and new avenues for women to thrive and succeed on the global stage. We hope the support and sponsorship of an industry leader like MHP sends a powerful message about the growing appeal of women’s sports — and women’s football in particular. We see it as a vehicle to tear down social barriers and stereotypes while aligning with various business strategies and socially responsible investments. We’re taking a stand to invest in women’s football and believe others should and will follow.”

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