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LaNia Charity Named Atlantic Conference Player of the Week (Presented by Commons)

By Derek Fleming, staff writer, WNFC

Florida Avengers running back and strong safety LaNia Charity has been named as the Atlantic Conference Player of the Week for her performance against the Atlanta Phoenix in Week 5. Charity was a force on both sides of the ball and on special teams.

“Charity played ironwoman football and was willing to do whatever it took to try to come out with a win,” Avengers coaches said when nominating her this week. “Charity is a true leader and professional and deserves this award simply because she is a true display of what women's tackle football is about."

On offense, she carried the ball 11 times, garnering 32 yards against one of the stoutest run defenses in the league. She was also responsible for collecting a first down while slugging it out. On defense, Charity recorded 7 tackles with 2.5 tackles going for a loss, totaling 11.5 yards. She also handled 3 kickoff returns, picking up 21 yards and a punt return for five yards.

“It was definitely a hard-fought game, they were definitely some hard-hitters” Charity said. “My motivation was just to try and get my team a win by whatever means necessary, whether it was running the ball, whether it was blocking, or whether it was getting defensive tackles in the backfield.”

Charity has the second-most rushing yards for the Avengers this season with 84 on 29 carries and has the team’s only rushing touchdown. She leads the team with two total touchdowns. And has the most kickoff and punt return yards on the team.

She also is second for solo and combined tackles and has seven tackles for loss this season.

Charity said that her versatility in being able to play both sides of the ball and her desire to do what it takes to get a win for the team is the reason she rarely sits for more than two plays at a time.

Charity said that she hopes to be a part of Avengers football for years to come and is looking forward to helping with recruiting players this offseason to add depth to the team.


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