Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media sites are a great way to share your affiliation with the WNFC and to help us advertise our events and expand our audience.

As we work together at the WNFC to build our brand, here are a few tips to keep in mind while we navigate the ins and outs of the online world:

You’re amongst friends—sometimes. As much as your blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc.… might feel like your cozy home on the Internet where friends stop by to catch up, it’s really a public space. People can land on your page from a Google search and read just one post completely out of context. And that content lives on forever in Google, long after you’ve forgotten about it. So, think of your social media space less like a family room and more like your front yard.

Spread news, don’t break it. It’s great (and helpful!) when we can use our personal social media channels to share the great things we are doing in the WNFC. However, make sure what you talk about is ready for public consumption. If we’ve talked about it in a public forum or have started advertising it, then you are good to go. When in doubt- ask!

Be smart. From a legal perspective, you’re responsible for what’s on your personal web space, so make sure you follow copyright rules and any other relevant laws. When it comes to the WNFC’s content, a good rule of thumb is “point, don’t post,” meaning that it’s better to link to the content on our established communication channels rather than posting it on your own personal blog or site. Sharing, retweeting, reposting directly from the WNFC social media sites is best.

Disclaimers or not, you represent. If you’re posting something that might be at-odds with the mission of our business, including a disclaimer is advisable — e.g. “these views are mine alone, they do not reflect the views of the WNFC.” But even with that, what you say in your tweets, on your blog, and on your Facebook page (or anywhere else) is just as much of a reflection of the WNFC as what you do in your personal life (to some extent). Remember to not speak or post on behalf of the WNFC, and leave that to our marketing team and our company channels.

Violation(s) of the social media policy will be subjective to progressive discipline, up to and including league suspension.