Denver International Airport (DEN) is the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the 20th busiest airport in the world. It’s also a main hub for Frontier Airlines as well as the second largest hub for both United and Southwest Airlines. This is the 1st airport to stream women’s football for travelers.
With limited zoning beautification ordinances for outdoor advertising, DEN is the perfect venue to reach residents, tourists, business travelers and the record breaking 61 million+ served in 2017.  “The opportunity the WNFC can offer small to mid-size businesses to sponsor the league through advertising in one of the most sought after highly trafficked market places in the world is endless. This is a big win and step up for the league, the teams, the players and women’s football in general to now have a lucrative revenue stream like this that so many business are eager to be  a part of.”
If you’re ever in the neighborhood of a DEN concourse near by, you can currently enjoy some women’s football while waiting on your flight on 98 monitors throughout the airport.
For your business to get the year round exposure of a lifetime, with a reach to more than  5,000,000 viewers per month contact April Christler, SVP of Marketing, WNCF to customize an airport advertising solution for you and your budget. or