The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) has partnered with the Women’s Football Rankings Committee (WFRC) to launch the first ever non-computer generated women’s tackle football ranking poll.
Powered by some of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the history of women’s football. The Women’s Football Rankings Committee (WFRC) will provide weekly rankings of all WNFC teams. Each voter will provide their own ranking of the teams, and the individual rankings will then be combined with WNFC Coaches Poll (internal) to produce the national ranking.
Similar to the AP poll in college football; the WFRC poll will influence seeding for the WNFC Conference Championship tournaments and future league match up scheduling. Founding Members of The WRFC:
  1. Julie Shockley: Gold Medalist -Women’s Football Expert since 2002, Host of “Talking Womens Football”
  2. John Spatz: Ranking and rating of sports teams since 1987, Creator of ‘EZ Football Rankings’ website
  3. Dana Sparling: Chief Operating Officer of Women’s Gridiron Foundation, Inc., Former CFO & Gameday Manager – New York Sharks
  4. Oscar F. Lopez,: Founder of the Gridiron Beauties , Member of Women’s Football Hall of Fame (media)
WFRC members will consider historical information (championships won, winning tradition, quality and quantity of previous all-stars and/or USA Team Members, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, comparison of results against common opponents and much more…)
• WRFC members are granted full access to film for all WNFC teams
• WFRC members will be in direct contact with each WNFC head coach
Each WFRC member will provide a weekly ranking of each WNFC team. A first place vote is worth 14 points; a second place vote is worth 13 points and so on.
WRFC poll will be posted on the WNFC website ( as well as at (
For more information, or interest in the WNFC or WRFC please submit a request on the contact us page of either site.