Denver, CO has been chosen as the host city for the WNFC IX Cup Championship. The top prize for the Women’s National Football Conference Championship. A symbol of female equality in sports. The IX cup honors female advancement in and outside of sports. The trophy is awarded to the Winner of the WNFC Championship game. The IX borrows it’s name from “Title IX”, which is a Federal Law in the US which bans discrimination or access to sports on the basis of sex. Although Title IX focuses on institutions funded only by the Federal Government, the WNFC exist and works to amplify the cause of empowering women and girls across the world through the sport of American Football. We believe that women and girls should have access to the highest quality of equipment, safety, and exposure as men in the sport of football. Our national champion and winner of the IX cup will be a reminder of that purpose for years to come. The first IX cup will be presented at the WNFC national championship weekend, held in Denver Colorado June 29, 2019.