The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) executive team announced yesterday that they have secured funding in the amount of $4,000 to be paid to each team participating in the WNFC for the 2019 season.

In a historic move, the executive team launched with a model that seeks to propel the marketing, promotional and social impact of women’s tackle football. With a core goal to eventually elevate the league to professional ranks, the WNFC’s leadership team has worked directly with each of the member organizations to produce a more marketable and cohesive product. In return, the league has a model where the teams do not pay a fee to join the league (each team is supplied with balls, film sharing application and many benefits passed down by league wide sponsors).

The early signs show that the approach is paying off. In just over 100 days of existence the league has secured partnerships with Riddell as their official helmet provider, Adidas as the official apparel and footwear sponsor (including IX Cup Championship Weekend), as well as a ticketing partnership with GROUPON.

The league is driving momentum in women’s football like never before. More importantly, the leagues leadership is keeping their promises.

“Each team in this league was asked to work harder, engage with their communities, recruit harder, and market based on what they want to get, not on what they have. Each team has done that and more. In return, we are working hard to exceed our commitments.” – Odessa Jenkins- COO of the WNFC.

As Jenkins works with an all star league staff to ensure a sensational execution of the leagues inaugural season, CEO Bryant Sewall is already thinking about 2020 and beyond.

“What we did today providing funding to these teams is just the start. My role is find new resources and strategies, so that the best teams in Women’s Football have a place to perform on a professional level. The women and men who participate in the WNFC are some of the most impressive people I know. I am excited for the rest of the world to meet them and see the amazing play these ladies put on the field.”

The WNFC launches the most important part of their master plan April 6, as they start the season. More information on the league can be found at www.wnfcfootball.com