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WNFC Branding and Content

Become a Featured Athlete

Have you ever wondered how players get featured on WNFC content?  It all begins with us getting to know the players, and we do this through social media, and by learning interesting details about you on the survey below. The official WNFC Instagram is now a verified account, we've reached over 5k follows having played just one season, and people are taking notice. We are in the game of sports and entertainment where it's all about the athletes and the brands. We would like all players to start building your personal brand as an athlete, and grow your following on Instagram. We are here to help by amplifying quality content!

How we find players posts on Instagram:

  • We only feature athletes with an Instagram bio that includes football (team, #, position, league, etc)

  • We see your posts when you tag us, only if your profile is public

  • We find your posts when you use #WNFCproud, only if your profile is public

  • We can follow you and share your stories, only if your profile is public

Type of content we are looking to share:

  • Workouts

  • Good content from the 2019 WNFC season

  • Posts displaying team, sponsor, or league pride

  • Fly content in adidas gear (doesn't always have to be football related) and be sure to use #teamadidas

  • Fly content in team or league gear (we'd love to see more of this)

  • Posts displaying women and girls empowerment

  • Posts of you all just looking GOOD! We have some fly athletes, and the world needs to take notice. 

  • No competing sponsor brands (under armour, nike, reebok, xenith, shutt)

Questions? Contact Amari Hollis, WNFC Head of Branding by Email or Instagram DM

Increase your Instagram Followers!

Click the image to create your own tile. Just add your unique Instagram handle!

IG Follow Example.JPG

We highly suggest completing on a desktop vs mobile. Approx 15 mins to complete

Tell us about yourself:
Are you a mother?
Did/does any of your family play professional football?
Did you transition from flag to tackle football?
Are you a plant based athlete?
Have you ever played tackle on a boys/men's team?
Do you ride a motorcycle?
How likely are you to participate in team/player video or photo submission challenges?
Did/does your mother/daugther/sister play football?
Do you travel more than 150 miles one way to play with your team?
Would you consider yourself a world traveller?
Have you been affected by your or a loved ones breast cancer?
Would you be interested in self-documenting (through writing or vloggling) your life as a football player and sharing your story?
Would you consider yourself a WNFC Best Dressed?
Do you plan to tryout for Team USA?
Upload your favorite selfie (of you, by you)

Thanks for submitting!