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Women's National Football Conference (WNFC) 2021 Growth Highlights

As a start-up business, the WNFC is growing rapidly, along with our fan base. As the league takes on new challenges and opportunities, we want our fans to experience this journey with us.

2021 was a challenging year for most businesses. Yet, the demand for competitive women's sports was at an all-time high. Specifically, participation for women and girls in football has skyrocketed. We saw this effect up close and personal through the thousands who attended the 2021 IX Cup Championship Weekend.

Summary of 2021 Highlights:

  1. Competition: Average margin of victory decreased across the league in 2021. On average 45% of WNFC games ended with a margin of victory of 2 TDs or less.

  2. Streaming: In 2021 the WNFC launched a historic media/streaming partnership with Vyre Network. WNFC content averaged 50K streams per month. Viewers spent 29 minutes on average streaming WNFC content.

  3. Global Reach: In 2021, WNFC content was accessed in 14 different countries.

  4. Social Media: League online popularity was at an all-time high, we reached 7.7M people in 2021. WNFC's social media accounts grew by 45% and the league received the verified blue check on Instagram.

  5. Web + Internet presence: WNFC website traffic was up 77%. Our brand showed up in 94,000 google searches in 2021.

The focus of our 2022 season will be to:

  • Influence strong on-field game quality and safety

  • Highlight and increase brand value for WNFC players + Influencers

  • Amplify competitive team matchups

  • Begin phase 1 of WNFC global development

  • Increase on-screen presence and awareness through TV and streaming

Be sure to follow the WNFC journey by subscribing to our website ( and follow us on social media @wnfcfootball.


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