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WNFC Kicks Off Content Deal with CaffeineTV, 700K views in Week 1

Dallas (Aug 15 , 2023) – The popularity of the Women's National Football Conference is at an all-time high. The league announced today a new partnership with Caffeine. Caffeine is a social broadcasting platform delivering live and interactive content. Founded in 2016 by former Apple TV design lead, Ben Keighran, Caffeine has experienced a 1000% growth in 2023 by curating the top events, tournaments, and competitions in sports, bringing them together to cross-pollinate and create community for the next generation of fans.

The company continues to strengthen its position as the leading destination for live sports & related content with over 30 Million Monthly Active Users and over 100M video views per month and growing.

Caffeine now offers WNFC content (live and on-demand). In only one week of broadcasting, WNFC content has amassed over 700K views on the platform. On pace to exceed 1M views in the first month, the partnership is off to a great start.

For the upcoming WNFC season (Spring 2024) the deal will include live-streamed game of the week, WNFC Conference Championship Tournaments, and the IX Cup Championship Game. In addition to the game content, the WNFC has launched its own channel, where fans will be able to tune into guest appearances, player interviews, showcase interviews, season highlights, stories, and more around the league.

For the latest, visit the WNFC's channel on Caffeine Mobile App (ios/Android), Roku, or web:

About Caffeine

Caffeine is a new kind of live broadcast company focused on the creation and distribution of live, interactive content. Our social broadcasting platform makes it simple for people to create their own shows and watch new interactive content with friends. Both Cox and Fox are investors in Caffeine, and we have raised a total of $250 million to date. Caffeine has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, hate speech, and racism. Find Caffeine in the App Store and Google Play. Learn more at


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