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WNFC and Women Ball Too Kick Off “See How We Ball” Collab

The Women’s National Football Conference and Portland-based advocacy streetwear brand Women Ball Too, have teamed up for a collection to bring educate, inspire, and honor women in football.

The Women Ball Too brand was born in response to the lack of support, investment, and credit for Women’s Basketball at the University of Oregon in 2018. Women Ball Too products are centered on women’s sports empowerment, aiming to inspire and equip communities with tools to change the sports narrative. The “Ball” portion of the brand has evolved from basketball to include soccer, softball, volleyball, golf, and now football.

Aligning with the mission of the WNFC, Erin Harville, Creative Director and University of Oregon Alumni, brought the organizations together to expand support and increase visibility for women in the league.

The “See How We Ball” collection takes fans, ballers, and lovers of football on a journey through the WNFC season. The awareness campaign will see multiple exclusive drops available at the WNFC Fan shop.

"The WNFC is innovative, exciting, powerful, and breaks new ground on the identity of football by offering a platform for women to play the game, and for us as fans to enjoy the action like never before. This league not only brings excitement to football, but will change the talk and participation around football for generations to come. Partnering with passionate leaders like those from the WNFC, brings impact and is always our best play call for progress." - Donovan Neal, Women Ball Too Co-Founder

The first drop in the series launches today, Sept. 16, in preparation for WNFC National Tryout Day and will feature t-shirts, hoodies, and more.

“When we think about collaborating we look for partners who believe in the power of inclusion. We look for companies that live their values and put products into the world that amplify the stories of women. Women Ball Too is just that, and we are elated to work with them to tell our story. We hope to demonstrate the value of what happens when inclusive businesses come together.” - Odessa Jenkins, WNFC Co-Founder/CEO

National Tryout Day officially marks the start of the new WNFC season. All 17 teams will be holding combine-style, invite-only events on October 1, 2022. The national events will be captured by local creators and revealed as a creative series on WNFC social media pages. Over 1,500 women are registered to try out for WNFC teams around the country.

About the WNFC

Headed into its 4th season in 2023, the WNFC is a progressive football league that exists to help women and girls reach their full potential through the power of football. Featuring 17 teams, the WNFC is a thrilling sports property that combines football and entertainment with a commitment to equity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

In 2018, the WNFC signed a groundbreaking multi-year agreement with Adidas that put the league on the map. The deal has recently been extended, as the WNFC signed a groundbreaking media deal with Vyre Network to distribute 100% of the league's games. The league's momentum continues with its partnership with Riddell Sports, Commons, United Sports Brands, and the recent addition of DICK’S Sporting Goods.

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