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The Iso Journal: D’Mayla Holliday

With the cancellation of the WNFC 2020 season, our players have had to adjust not only to missing an entire season of football, but also to practicing safe distancing due to a global pandemic. We want to hear about it.

Inspired by The Players’ Tribune, The WNFC is excited to introduce a new blog series, "The Iso Journal", where we catch up with our superstars to find out how they've spent their time in isolation, what they are doing to prepare for the 2021 pre-season, and how they are remaining #WNFCproud off the field.

Creating peace of mind is key. I keep a journal. I also make time to workout and release natural endorphins. Staying fit for football has played an important part in my mental and physical health.

My wife and I operate an American made fishing company. We equip customers who fish for their own food or for local retail. I am also a security officer on a private beach.

I have become more active in my community. Staying positive is the most challenging thing. It can be very easy to slide into depression since my generation has never truly seen a world without mass shootings, political scandals, and bigotry. I would like to recommend the movie American History X, relevant to current events. I am open to discussions about it. I am pushing for positive changes.

Listening and understanding are the biggest lessons I’ve learned over these last three months. Not everyone needs a problem fixed. Some have the answers and just want to be heard.

WNFC players and staff reach out daily. They create a safe haven for anyone who needs to talk. Communication is the most important thing.

My teammates and coaching staff have shown the utmost love, support, and understanding. Due to changing teams this season and the pandemic restricting my move, I was not able to be a part of team practice. I can’t wait to finally be with my team, the Washington Prodigy!

The WNFC is very transparent. This league opened a line of communication that did not previously exist in women’s football. We are aware that we can express ourselves to the organization. I love that the WNFC took swift action during this time and made decisions that put athletes first.

Along with the Prodigy, I am excited to watch the Florida Avengers in 2021. Those women deserve a shot to prove what they can do despite setbacks.

WNFC peers, this is the change we were looking for. It’s time to show why women’s football is the most underrated sport.

Never be afraid to be a leader, no matter the cost.

D’Mayla Holliday #50 OL/DL/RB

Washington Prodigy

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