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The Iso Journal: Angellica Grayson

With the cancellation of the WNFC 2020 season, our players have had to adjust not only to missing an entire season of football, but also to practicing safe distancing due to a global pandemic. We want to hear about it.

Inspired by The Players’ Tribune, The WNFC is excited to introduce a new blog series, "The Iso Journal", where we catch up with our superstars to find out how they've spent their time in isolation, what they are doing to prepare for the 2021 pre-season, and how they are remaining #WNFCproud off the field.

The WNFC has gone above and beyond to make this quarantine period as pleasant as possible by keeping players and coaches active. I’m learning new things in the name of football! Finding out the season was going to be cancelled felt like the rug was taken from underneath me. At the same time, I figured it was coming because of the trickle-down effect of cancellations in other professional sports, education, and businesses.

I look forward to being back on the gridiron with my Texas Elite Spartan family! We have been doing Zoom workouts together three days a week. Through online connection, you don't feel as isolated as you thought you were.

I am also excited to watch the Kansas City Glory in 2021. Their head coach KeKe Blackmon is my friend and former teammate. I cannot wait to see what she puts together! The Glory is going to be a nice rival playing against the Texas Elite Spartans.

Growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. At first, I was uncomfortable teaching Physical Education online, but I definitely grew as a person and an educator. I wanted the students to be active for my class, since they had to frequently sit to work on their other courses. They created dances and routines to improve their health. It was fun to watch their creativity through the pictures and videos they turned in. Teaching from home was different yet rewarding.

You make time for what's important. Someone once told me that quote and it stands strong in my life. I have made time to read. I enjoy motivational self-help books like The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I also like staying up late to watch good educational shows.

Bike riding helps me stay mentally balanced. When I was younger, I used to go everywhere on my bike. Now, I sometimes ride as long as 12 miles! Every time I turn a corner, I do a swim or dip and rip move. I also listen to and say positive affirmations. I talk with a counselor once a month to help keep me on track during this global pandemic.

Each day is truly precious. Count your blessings and enjoy your days. Make time for what you feel is important because that is where your happiness lies. Have a growth mindset during this time so that your mental can be strong!

We are ALL going through something in our life. How you respond to it determines how it will be handled. Life is 5% of what happens to you and 95% of how you respond. F.E.A.R. can mean one of two things, “Face Everything And Run” or “Face Everything And Rise”! Make sure you pick the best option.

I choose to RISE!

Angellica Grayson #52 LB/ST

Texas Elite Spartans

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