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Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the recruiting schedule for the WNFC internship program for next year, 2021, has changed.

The start date for the Fall 2020 class, originally September 14, 2020, has been moved to December 2021. The internship class starting in December will remain at the WNFC for eight months through August 2021.

To return to a regular schedule, we will be recruiting for fall 2021 in April/May 2021 for a nine-month internship class that will start in September 2021. We all hope that 2022 will be a “normal” year. Please keep an eye on this website for further updates.


Interns will be expected to participate as an active and positive WNFC team member. Desirable interns will have the following qualities in common:

• Values diversity

• Results and detailed oriented

• Demonstrates initiative

• Team oriented

• Anticipates and resolves problems before they escalate

• Strong time management

• Ability to balance workload in a fast-paced environment

• Manage multiple tasks and assist multiple team members at the same time

• Ability to complete work assignments with a high degree of quality

• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

• Comfortable working with geographically distributed teams

We strongly advise all applicants to read the FAQs as they prepare and before submitting their applications. Any questions not covered by the FAQs should be directed to the program recruiter, Andrea Snead ( at any time during the year. No phone calls, please.

Internships are generally needed for the following areas (subject to change):

  • Statistics and Data Research

  • Executive Support

  • Events (local)

  • Events (national)

  • Finance

  • Player engagement and outreach

  • Information Services (IT)

  • Social Media Management

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Sales Development

  • Production and Broadcasting