FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Surge, Majestics, and Falconz Announce Joint Move   August 29th 2018 (DALLAS, TX) – With a bold statement the San Diego Surge, Seattle Majestics, and Utah Falconz women’s football teams jointly announce their official move to the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC).   Joining forces again, the three organizations bring with them a long, successful history of performance on the field and some of the biggest names in women’s football. They join a groundbreaking new organization in the WNFC that aligns with the standards of high quality and professional level business execution these teams are known for off the field.   “The San Diego Surge is pleased to announce an alliance with Seattle and Utah in joining the newly founded WNFC.  The WNFC provides a stable platform to grow the sport of Women’s’ Football.  The Surge is excited to be a part of this new family,” said Head Coach Mike Suggett.   “After seeing the business model, 3-5 year plan, and tremendous amount of successful, business-minded professionals involved with the WNFC this was an easy decision for us to make,” said Seattle Majestics COO and Head Coach Scott McCarron. “This brings about a paradigm shift in the sport of women’s football that not only gives us a platform to attract the highest caliber athletes but will provide the type of professional league branding that will attract high level corporate sponsors.”   Samantha Smith, President of the Utah Falconz, had this to say, “The Utah Falconz are thrilled to be joining the WNFC, which includes teams with proven track records on and off the field. It takes great innovation and courage for this sport to grow and we believe the WNFC embodies just that. We are honored to lead the charge in their ranks.”   For more information about playing for San Diego, Seattle, or Utah visit their website or Facebook page:   San Diego Surge: or  San Diego Surge Womens Football Seattle Majestics: or  Seattle Majestics Womens Tackle Football Utah Falconz: or  Utah Falconz   For more information about the WNFC, follow them on Facebook @thewnfc or message them at